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How to keep your pets safe by your stove or fire

 March 19, 2021    No Comments  Advice & Information

Here at Stovax & Gazco we love our pets, especially cats and dogs. It’s no secret that dogs especially can be extremely inquisitive by nature, so if you’re one to enjoy a nice warm fire on a cold winter’s night, you may be wondering how you can let your pet do the same while keeping them safe. Read on for some of our top tips!

How to Spring Clean Your Stove or Fire

 March 17, 2021    No Comments  Advice & Information

During spring, we tend to refresh our homes. Perhaps you are thinking about a new coat of paint in the kitchen, or perhaps even a renovation of your living room. With a spring clean on the cards, it is also the perfect time to give your stove or fire a service. Your product user instructions will describe the annual maintenance that is required for most products, however here is a basic guide.

Media Walls Explained

 March 12, 2021    No Comments  Advice & Information, Electric Stoves & Fires

One of the latest popular trends in interior design are media feature walls, often just called media walls. But what is a media wall, and how can you build one in your home? Read on to find out.

Doing our bit for the environment

 February 25, 2021    No Comments  Advice & Information, Wood Burning Stoves & Fires

At Stovax & Gazco we’re passionate about the environment and doing our bit to secure a bright future for the next generation. Read on for a rundown of things we’re doing to protect our planet.

How to make the most of a lockdown Valentine’s Day

 February 12, 2021    No Comments  Advice & Information

We all know that no one is going anywhere this Valentine’s Day, so we’ve put together some ideas on how to make it special while staying at home.