All the look of a traditional stove, with all the ease of gas

All the look of a traditional stove, with all the ease of gas

Looking for that traditional and authentic log burner look but with the convenience of gas? A Gazco Yeoman gas stove could be an ideal choice. Read on below to find out more.

A traditional cast iron stove is often associated with alluring flames, a warm ambience and an inviting home on cold nights. We have been producing stoves with looks that combine traditional appeal with modern technology for many years.

However, a wood burning or multi-fuel stove might not be an option for every household. The need to install a chimney can be a daunting thought, and is almost impossible in some homes. Not only that, but even lighting the fire and finding the right fuel can be off-putting, with the need to keep a good stock of your chosen fuel readily available to enjoy your stove whenever the mood strikes you.

Luckily, Gazco Yeoman offers a range of technically advanced gas stoves that are just as authentic in appearance. With realistic coal or log-effect fuel beds, it means you can have all the pleasure of a traditional Yeoman stove, with minimal effort.

Gazco Yeoman Gas Stoves come with an easy manual control as standard, but why not upgrade to a remote control and operate your stove from the comfort of your armchair? Either way you’re in complete control and you’ll have instant heat at the touch of a button – no lighting or refuelling required!

Highlights from the Gazco Yeoman range

Enjoying the look and heat of a cast iron stove could not be easier than with a Dartmoor gas stove. This fashionable and flexible fire can suit a variety of interiors, and with no chimney required, the Dartmoor can be installed into almost any room. Giving out up to 5.5kW of adjustable heat, the Dartmoor can provide you with glowing warmth after a simple installation.

For homes with limited space, the CL7 Inset Gas Stove is an outstanding choice. It has all the looks of a wood burning stove, but blends its traditional appeal with modern convenience. With its virtually invisible glass front, the CL7 Inset has an incredible efficiency of up to 89%. If opting for the Balanced Flue version, the CL7 Inset can be installed into an inner wall without the need of a false chimney breast, making it an economical and practical gas stove that everyone can enjoy.

For more contemporary homes, Yeoman also offers an enticing range of CL Gas Stoves. With subtle curves and an elegant Jet Black Metallic finish, the CL range will be admired for its looks as well as its credentials.

Where to buy a gas stove?

To find out more about the Gazco Yeoman range, please visit your local retailer.

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