Health and Safety Policy Statement

Stovax Heating Group Limited is committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of its employees so far as is reasonably practicable. We also fully accept our responsibility for others who may be affected by our activities, such as contractors, visitors and members of the public. We will take steps to ensure that our statutory duties are met at all times.

Our policy is to provide a positive health and safety culture where no one is harmed, we do not damage property and where we establish and maintain a reputation for achieving the highest standards in Health and Safety practice through successful management, implementation, engagement and communication.

To achieve these objectives our Senior Management Team are committed to providing a framework that ensures:

  • Safe and healthy working conditions for the prevention of work-related injury or ill health across all our business operations.
  • Compliance to all relevant Health and Safety Legislation and other requirements.
  • Maintenance and development of ISO 45001 Health and Safety Management, so that it remains effective in eliminating hazards and reducing risks, measured by performance monitoring and involvement of the workers to identify improvement opportunities to prevent incidents.
  • Provision of adequate resources, such as competent responsible workers and suitably maintained equipment.
  • Effective risk assessment, management, and control mechanisms, communicated to all relevant parties, including robust incident investigation and root cause identification.
  • Involvement of workers, their representatives, our suppliers, clients, and other interested parties, to identify needs and requirements, ensure adequate planning, responsibilities and authorities, legal obligations, objectives, resource requirements, best practices, and improvement options.
  • A positive culture for employees, increasing their awareness and promoting their ownership of Health and Safety through communication, active participation, and the provision of suitable and adequate training.
  • The involvement and engagement of employees and other sources of best practice to identify opportunities for improving the health and safety of workers and others impacted by our operations.
  • The Management of Occupational Health and Safety is monitored, measured continually and frequently reviewed by the Senior Management Team to ensure it performs effectively and within the framework required to set performance targets that align with the Company’s wider objectives.
  • Our policy is communicated to, and extends to, all persons working for or on behalf of the Company and is readily available via our website, company intranet and to other interested parties on request.
  • Each employee will be given such information, instruction and training as is necessary to ensure that they can carry out their work tasks safely.
  • Adequate facilities and arrangements will be maintained to enable employees and their representatives to raise issues of health and safety.
  • Competent people will be appointed to assist us in meeting our statutory duties including, where appropriate, specialists from outside the organisation.

It is the duty of management to ensure that all processes and systems of work are designed to take account of health and safety and are properly supervised at all times.

Every employee must co-operate with us to enable all statutory duties to be complied with. The successful implementation of this policy requires total commitment from all levels of employee, from the boardroom to the shopfloor. Everyone has a legal obligation to take reasonable care for their own health and safety, and for the safety of other people who may be affected by their acts or omissions.

This policy will be regularly monitored to ensure that the objectives are achieved. It will be reviewed and, if necessary, revised in the light of any legislative or organisational changes and after taking into account the views and opinions of our staff at all levels.

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