8 Beautiful TV Media Wall Ideas [with electric fireplace]

8 Beautiful TV Media Wall Ideas [with electric fireplace]

Looking for stunning TV media wall ideas and inspiration for your own media wall project? With so many different design possibilities it can be tricky to know where to begin! Here’s 8 beautiful media wall fireplace ideas to inspire you.

Elevating the aesthetic of a room often revolves around the centrepiece: the television. As an integral part of most modern living rooms, the way a TV is displayed can either enhance or detract from the room’s overall appearance. One way to enhance the look of your room is by choosing one of these these beautiful TV media wall ideas as inspiration for your very own centrepiece.

Of course, a media wall isn’t just the go-to for TV streaming binge-watchers. With many modern designs featuring intricate storage spaces and shelving designed to house books, ornaments, and other physical media, you could just as well be enjoying a good book.

If one thing is certain though, no media wall is complete without an electric fire, and including one in your media wall design is an easy way to introduce a great flickering ambience, with or without the heat.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into a plethora of TV media wall and fireplace combo ideas, ensuring that the heart of your living space is both functional and stylish.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

Idea 1: Minimalist Floating Designs

Imagine your television seemingly suspended in air, free from cluttered cables and bulky stands. A floating unit provides a sleek and modern appearance, seamlessly integrating the TV with the room.

Utilising floating units as part of your media wall design not only enhances the spaciousness of the room, but many units come with built-in storage, perfect for decluttering your space.

Not only that, but floating units provide the perfect opportunity for incorporating added downlighting at floor-level, further accentuating the contemporary look. Many inset electric fires like this Gazco eReflex 85RW are compatible with an optional mood lighting kit, making it super simple to complement your floating TV unit with strategic lighting. The kit comes with multi-coloured LED strip lights for installing behind a TV, around shelving or under-cabinets and are fully controllable from the fire’s remote handset, providing ambient lighting for a cinematic experience.

Idea 2: Corner Media wall

If a full-width landscape media wall isn’t to your liking, a corner media wall could be a great alternative. Rather than the usual TV above an electric fire layout, opting for a two-sided portrait electric fire like this Gazco eReflex 75RW can provide a fantastic way to introduce an additional dimension.

Idea 3: Frame TV Media Walls

Transform your media wall into a work of art. Certain TVs on the market now are designed to mimic the appearance of framed art pieces when not in use, giving art lovers a way to blend traditional style with high-tech function.

By choosing an ornate or minimalist frame that complements your interior design, you can seamlessly blend your TV into your decor. This is a great way to make the ambient lighting of your fireplace centre stage, providing a warm glow on a chilly evening.

But why stop at a single frame? Surround your television with an array of artwork, photographs, or decorative pieces, ensuring it becomes part of an intricate design collage.

Idea 4: Wood Panelled Media Walls

Embrace the timeless charm of wood. Wooden panelled media walls not only offer a warm and organic feel but also serve as an excellent backdrop, making your TV stand out.

From smooth oak finishes to rough-hewn reclaimed wood, the myriad of available textures ensures that there’s a wooden panel backdrop to suit every taste.

TV media wall with Gazco eStudio 165R electric fire

Idea 5: Room Divide Media Walls

Of course, a media wall doesn’t have to be built against an existing wall. If you’re looking to segment an open plan space into seperate spaces for example, a strategically placed media wall could be the perfect solution! By incorporating a two or three-sided electric fire like this Gazco eReflex 150RW, it increases the viewing angle of the lighting effect, providing an additional dimension for enjoyment.

Idea 6: Media Wall with integrated shelving

For those keen on a seamless look, built-in units that incorporate the television and an inset electric fire offer an ideal solution to conceal set-top boxes and offer storage space. They also offer a cohesive appearance and a place to store ornaments and display precious family heirlooms, contributing to a layered wall design that draws the eye. Alternative fuel effects like the Silver Birch log-effect available for this Gazco eStudio 135R, can be chosen to contrast with your chosen backdrop colour.

Idea 7: Media walls with bespoke cabinetry

If you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your media wall installation, like in a dining area, including bespoke cabinetry into your design can be a way to add charm. By utilising a difference in texture such as natural wood cabinets you can create a classy storage area that contrasts with the central TV area. A large electric fire like this Gazco eReflex 195RW can provide ambience to even the largest of rooms, perfect for when hosting a dinner party.

Idea 8: Painted Accent Walls

Selecting a bold colour for the wall behind your TV can make a powerful statement. Deep blues, rich greens, or even vibrant yellows can serve as a striking backdrop, ensuring your television doesn’t just blend in, but pops. Additional mood lighting behind the TV can accentuate this effect even further, by matching or contrasting the colour palette.

Design your very own media wall with an electric fireplace centrepiece

Your television, being a focal point of your living space, deserves more than a mere afterthought when it comes to presentation. Whether you’re a fan of minimalist designs, rustic charm, or bold statements, there’s a media wall idea tailored for your taste. By implementing any of these strategies, especially in a new build, you can ensure your living room isn’t just functional but exudes style and sophistication at every glance.

That just about wraps up this blog on 8 TV media wall design ideas. Now, it’s over to you!

We hope this blog post has inspired you to build the best media wall, and if you’re going to be undertaking a media wall build be sure to check out our Media Wall Fireplaces Explained blog post for more hints and tips.

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