How to keep your pets safe by your stove or fire

How to keep your pets safe by your stove or fire

Here at Stovax & Gazco we love our pets, especially cats and dogs. It’s no secret that dogs especially can be extremely inquisitive by nature, so if you’re one to enjoy a nice warm fire on a cold winter’s night, you may be wondering how you can let your pet do the same while keeping them safe. Read on for some of our top tips!

Britain, we’re a nation of dog lovers it’s true, but we also love a good fire too. When it comes to furry friends sitting close to fire… safety first!

Whether you’re a dog or cat person, here are a few ways you can ensure their safety while enjoying some fireside allure.

1. Safe distance

Keeping your pet a safe distance from your stove or fire can be more complicated than it sounds, but it’s without a doubt the main thing to watch out for. We love seeing nice photos on Instagram of pets looking snuggly in front of one of our wood burning stove or fires, it makes us very happy. However, it’s important to be aware of the dangers of letting them get too close. If you have an open fire, you can use a fire guard such as a hearth gate or fire screen as a physical barrier.

A closed appliance such as a wood burning stove or inset fire with a door contains the fire within and prevents stray embers and hot ash from escaping into the room. This makes them safer for pets to snooze in front of. While many dogs and cats are usually aware of the heat before they get close enough to the stove, if your pet is particularly inquisitive you can always add a fireguard for your stove or fire too.

2. Take breaks

To avoid your pet getting all hot and bothered, you may wish to leave a door open to allow your pets to wander freely to another room where they can cool down. Many pets are good at knowing when they’re too hot and need a drink to regulate their temperature, but if yours is a heavy sleeper or of the somewhat lazy variety, don’t be afraid to wake them up every so often.

3. Don’t leave them unattended

As well as not leaving your stove or fire unattended whilst it is lit, it’s also good practice to keep an eye on your pet at all times in the presence of a flame. In many cases it might be fine to pop to make a cup of tea, but if your kitchen is at the other end of the house, you can reduce the risk by having your pet follow you when you leave the room.

4. Be careful at play time

Dogs and cats love to play, but it’s best to exercise caution when playing with them near a hot stove or fire. Dogs especially can be a bit clumsy when it comes to playing fetch so be careful throwing and playing with toys around an open fire or hot stove and maybe take playtime outside!

We hope reading this post has inspired you to keep the safety of your pet in mind when using a stove or fire. If you’re looking for a new stove or fire for your home, speak to your local retailer to find out more about our great range of wood burning and multi-fuel, gas and electric appliances. Click here to find your nearest retailer.

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