Stovax Stockton 3 small multi fuel stove Small wood burning stoves are a big trend!

Small wood burning stoves are a big trend!

Nothing compares to the irresistibly warm ambience of small Stovax wood burning stoves. Combining elegant traditional styling or bold contemporary impact with resolutely modern functionality, these stove ranges offer performance and style to any interior and can be selected in a wide range of sizes. If you desire to live a little more independently, a small wood burning stove could be the ideal way to achieve greater self-sufficiency when it comes to heating.

Small wood burning stoves from the Stockton range

With six sizes to choose from and a choice of single or double doors for some models, there’s a Stovax Stockton log burner to suit every home and interior, whether traditional or modern, large or small.

The Stockton 3, a mini wood burning and multi-fuel stove for small spaces

Small wood burning stove Stovax Stockton 3

The smallest stove in the Stockton range of wood and multi fuel stoves, the Stockton 3 from Stovax has been specially designed to fit perfectly into an open fireplace measuring 56 cm high x 40.5 cm wide. Designed for burning multi-fuels, this small, high-performance stove is also capable of burning wood.

Its compact dimensions make it ideal for small spaces such as a barge, a small house or a garden workshop.

The Stockton 4, a small portrait wood burning and multi-fuel stove

Small wood burning stove Stovax Stockton 4

Available in wood and multi-fuel versions, the Stockton 4 from Stovax is one of our most popular stoves. Like the Stockton 3, its compact size and refined lines means it fits perfectly into small rooms and is equally suited to classic and contemporary interiors. Thanks to its taller stature this small wood burner can provide a nominal heat output of 5kW.

The Stockton 5, a small 5kW log burner for a cosy interior

Small wood burning stove Stovax Stockton 5

The Stockton 5 Ecodesign wood burning stove from Stovax has a landscape format glass pane and is available in a wood burning or multi-fuel version with an external ash handle. Its format allows it to accept logs of up to 330mm in length.

Huntingdon small wood burning and multi-fuel stoves

With three sizes to choose from, the Stovax Huntingdon range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are known for their traditional gothic styling and cast iron details. Featuring state-of-the-art Ecodesign combustion systems with convector heat flow technology, Huntingdon stoves effortlessly deliver elegant looks with high-efficiency heat.

Huntingdon 20, a small wood burning stove with gothic appeal

Small wood burning stove Stovax Huntingdon 20

The Huntingdon 20 is available as a small wood burning stove as well as a multi fuel model capable of burning smokeless fuel as well as wood, thanks to its closable riddling grate. Both options feature a spacious viewing window for excellent flame views, and for those seeking a more traditional look there is the option of a Tracery Door with additional detailing.

Vogue small wood burning stoves

The wood burning and multi-fuel stoves in the Vogue range feature a robust cast-iron finish and a spacious glass pane that offers an exceptional view of the fire. The innovative Airwash and Cleanburn systems keep the glass clean for a long time, while providing high-efficiency and powerful flames. These small stoves comply with Ecodesign standards.

The Vogue Small, a small wood burning stove for a small area

Small wood burning stove Stovax Vogue Small

The Vogue Small, the most compact model in the Vogue range, boasts an impressive heat output of 5kW. Combining cutting-edge technology with an avant-garde combustion chamber, this wood burning stove burns logs with such high efficiency that it even exceeds the principles of Ecodesign.

The Vogue Small has a multitude of styling options and can be installed with a plinth or on a bench to create the style that best suits your interior.

The Vogue Small T, a small wood burning stove with character

Small wood burning stove Stovax Vogue Small T

The Vogue Small T stove has the same compact size as the Vogue Small model, but with a taller portrait glass for an even more impressive fiery visual. Vogue stoves can be further enhanced by the optional plinth, the Midline base designed to store logs or one of the Stovax stove benches.

Small traditional wood burning stoves

These convector stoves are both designed with a graceful, traditional aesthetic, with a bevelled door frame on each and an expansive view of the flames through their large viewing windows.

The Chesterfield 5, a powerful little wood burning stove

Small wood burning stove Stovax Chesterfield 5

The refined design of the Chesterfield 5 wood and multi-fuel stove complements any interior style. Equipped with our triple airflow combustion systems, these elegant convection stoves offer exceptional heating performance.

The Chesterfield 5 complies with European Ecodesign requirements, thanks in particular to its low particulate emissions in the smoke.

Small wood burning stove Stovax Sheraton 5

The Sheraton 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stove offers a timeless, refined design, thanks to decorative details such as a bevelled cast-iron door and optional long legs for extra height.

The large glass panel provides a wonderful view of the flames, and its convector combustion system ensures extremely efficient heating, in line with European Ecodesign requirements.

Can I install a small wood burning stove without a chimney?

Small wood burning stove Stovax Stockton 4

For people living in modern homes, you don’t need a chimney to install a small wood burning stove. You can install a double-walled flue system such as the Stovax Professional XQ™ range. This prefabricated chimney system can terminate through the roof or wall of your building, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a wood burning stove in a house without a chimney!

Where can I buy a small wood burning stove?

For more information and suitable models for your individual requirements, we always recommend that you contact your local retailer. They’ll be able to help you with everything from choosing your wood or gas stove or insert, to site surveys and installation.

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