The Best Log Burners for 2024 [Top 7]

The Best Log Burners for 2024 [Top 7]

Is 2024 the year of new year, new fireplace? If you're searching for the perfect log burner to bring warmth, style, and ambience to your home, here are our top picks for the best wood burning, multi-fuel, electric and gas stoves and fires for the year ahead!

Best Log Burners of 2024 by Category

To get you started on your journey of choosing a brand new stove or fire in the year ahead, we’ve pulled out some top picks for the best log burners for 2024! Start by browsing our choices by category below, or feel free to explore the other fantastic stoves and fires on our website!

Traditional Log Burner – Stovax Huntingdon 30

With its charming, rustic look, the Stovax Huntingdon 30 traditional log burner offers state-of-the-art airflow technology with the aesthetic styling of a timeless classic. Available with or without cast-iron door tracery, you’re free to match the high-performance internals of this Ecodesign Plus stove to your own traditional interior.

Available as both a dedicated wood burning stove or a multi fuel model, optimised Cleanburn and Airwash jets within the burn chamber ensure that dead spots are minimised, and that the viewing glass remains clear for a crisp flame visual.

Looking for the Huntingdon 30’s traditional style with extra convenience? Why not opt for a gas or electric version, and benefit from complete remote compatibility?

Huntingdon 30 Multi Fuel Best Log Burners 2023

Modern Log Burner – Stovax Futura 5

The Stovax Futura 5 is an exemplary modern log burner, with its focus on high-efficiency heating and striking flame visuals. Offering a sleek contemporary design, encompassing a curved door and a large window, the Futura 5 makes it a perfect fit for both traditional and contemporary homes.

This model boasts an advanced convection heat system and integrated heat shields, ensuring maximum heat retention and safe distances to combustibles. The Futura’s front stainless steel air control, which combines style with functionality, facilitates easy transitioning to boost mode for swift start-ups. Offering versatility, it comes in both dedicated wood-burning and multi-fuel versions, all of which are DEFRA exempt, making them ideal for use across the UK. The multi-fuel models include a unique closeable grate for burning logs or smokeless mineral fuels efficiently.

Stovax Futura 5 Log Burner

Small Log Burner – Stovax Futura 4

If you like the look of the Futura 5 but only need heat for a small space, the Stovax Futura 4 small wood burning stove, offers all the same benefits as the larger Futura models, but in a compact form that’s ideal for smaller footprint spaces like snugs, home offices, houseboats, and conservatories. With a heat output of 4kW, this small log burner features a curved door and large viewing window, complete with an advanced Airwash system for crystal clear flame visuals.

Like the larger models in the Futura range, the Futura 4 also features an Integrated External Air Connection for drawing combustion air directly from outside the property, making it easy to create a room-sealed installation. 

Log burner in a conservatory.

Inset Log Burner – Stovax Riva2 66 wood burning fire

Part of the showroom exclusive Stovax Riva2 range of premium inset wood burning and multi fuel fires, as the biggest model in the range the Riva2 66 inset log burner packs a whopping 8.1kW of heat output!

It perfectly balances high efficiency with a stylish design. Ideal for a 22” high fireplace opening without the chairbrick, this stunning log burner creates a striking industrial-chic look in larger spaces, further enhanced by various framing options. It shares the same elegant thermal lining system as other models in the range, ensuring that the Riva2 66 serves as a stunning focal point in any room, regardless of whether the fire is lit or not.

For an enchanting centrepiece, each Riva2 log burner can be accompanied by one of two stylish frames: the sleek Profil XS or the marginally broader Profil frame. Available in either three-sided or four-sided options, these frames enable your inset fire to be either hearth-mounted or positioned higher for a contemporary ‘hole-in-the-wall’ appearance.

Stovax Riva2 66 Best Inset Log Burner 2023

Electric Log Burner – Gazco Vogue Midi T electric stove

If a real log burner isn’t for you, perhaps the convenience of instant heat and ambience of an electric log burner is a good alternative.

As versatile as it is convenient, the stylish Gazco Vogue Midi T electric stove is a contemporary electric log burner that delivers captivating flame visuals. With its portrait form, the Vogue Midi T features an additional window on each side that makes the flame effect visible from almost any angle in the room. With a handy thermostatic remote control, you can easily control the Vogue Midi T’s array of flame and lighting options as well as heat output from the comfort of your armchair or sofa.

This stunning electric log burner is offered as a plinth-mounted stove or in Midline log store versions, which can be filled with logs to enhance the wood burning aesthetic. There is also a wall-hung version which creates a floating installation for a strikingly modern look.

Vogue Midi T Electric Wall Mounted Log Burner

Gas Log Burner – Onyx Liv 3 gas stove

Perhaps you favour convenience and high-efficiency heat above all else, in which case a gas log burner such as the Onyx Liv 3 could be the option for you.

Straight from the premium Onyx brand, this elite gas log burner is the pinnacle of British fire engineering, and puts ignition, flame adjustment, heat output and extinguishing all in the palm of your hand via the fully integrated control system. Alternatively the powerful handset allows you to simply set your Liv 3 gas stove to thermostatically maintain your desired room temperature, for maximum convenience. 

Onyx Liv3 Best Gas Log Burner 2023

Media walls – Onyx Fusion 150RW electric fire

Should you fancy the integrated log burner aesthetic yet lean towards an electric option, consider exploring our range of media wall electric fires, including the state-of-the-art Onyx Fusion 150RW. The captivating landscape flame display, combined with the ease of electric – makes the Fusion ideal for pairing with a media wall setup, especially if you’re planning to mount a TV above. For a detailed overview of the best media wall electric fires, our useful guide offers comprehensive insights, covering all the essential factors you’ll need to think about. Alternatively we also have some stunning TV media wall ideas and inspiration for you, or skip straight to having all your media wall questions answered with our guide.

Onyx Fusion electric fire in a media wall.

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