County 5 and Stockton 5 – two of the best traditional wood burning stoves?

County 5 and Stockton 5 – two of the best traditional wood burning stoves?

If you’re looking for the best traditional wood burning stove for your home and can’t decide between the ever-popular Stovax Stockton 5 and the new County 5 wood burning stove, you’ve come to the right place! Read on below as we roundup the best features the two.

If you’re trying to decide between the Stovax County 5 and Stockton 5 as the best traditional wood burning stove for you, we forgive you.

Stovax County 5 wood burning stove

After all, both these wood burning stoves offer a high efficiency performance and are fully prepared to meet the new 2022 Ecodesign standards. In addition, as they are both DEFRA approved for use in Smoke Control Areas as standard, either model is suitable for use anywhere in the UK.

Here are a few reasons why both of these stoves are in our top five best traditional wood burning stoves worthy of your consideration.

It’s all about the looks

While both of these charming stoves are constructed using high quality materials and offer superb views of the flames through their viewing windows, the exteriors of the two do provide slightly different aesthetics.

Closeup of the Stovax County 5 multi fuel stove

Delivering a traditional aesthetic is the Stockton 5 with its indented features and tasteful rounded edges. The exterior design of this stove takes a minimalist approach with its subtle door hinges and simple slider design for the air controls.

Meanwhile, the County 5 promotes a more utilitarian approach to stove design, with a more pronounced front air control slider, and a geometric door handle. This all adds character and depth to this stove, which exudes a somewhat more rustic appeal.

Both stoves are designed to suit both traditional and modern interiors alike, but if you prefer a more rectangular window with clean exterior lines, then perhaps you may prefer the County 5.

Multi-fuel stove models

For added versatility, both the Stockton 5 and County 5 stoves are available as dedicated wood burning stoves, as well as multi-fuel stoves with external riddling. This allows the user the added capability of burning various mineral fuels.

Side by side of Stovax County 5 multi fuel stove and Stovax Stockton 4 multi fuel stove

If you plan to only burn wood, then a dedicated wood burning model will meet your needs. However, if you’d like the added flexibility of using mineral fuels as well as wood, then a multi-fuel model could be a good option. As both the Stockton 5 and County 5 are available as dedicated wood burning and multi-fuel models, you could opt for either stove.

For more advice about choosing between a wood burning or multi-fuel stove, see our blog post here.

Ecodesign Ready wood burning stoves

Stovax Stockton 5 wood burning stove

If you’re looking for an Ecodesign Ready wood burning stove, the great news is that both of these stoves are Ecodesign Ready. What does that mean? Any stove or fire carrying the Ecodesign Ready label means it has been verified as meeting the stringent air quality and efficiency standards of the Ecodesign directive, which comes into effect in 2022.

Ecodesign Ready stoves represent the future of wood burning and are vastly more efficient than older stoves and fires, reducing emissions to an absolute minimum. By choosing a Stovax stove or fire that has this label, you can be sure that you’re buying into cutting-edge combustion technology designed to lower emissions to an absolute minimum. As a result, whether you choose the Stovax Stockton 5 or the County 5 wood burning stove, you can expect a high efficiency heat output that uses less logs on average than an open fire.

See our full range of Ecodesign Ready stoves and fires here.

DEFRA Exempt for Smoke Control Areas

Stovax County 5 wood burning stove

One thing to consider when choosing a stove or fire is whether you live in a smoke control area. Many parts of the UK are designated as smoke control areas, where you cannot emit smoke from a household chimney. That is, unless you’re burning an authorised fuel for the area you live in or are using an exempt appliance. The good news is that many Stovax stoves and fires are DEFRA approved as standard, and that includes the Stockton 5 and County 5. This means they are both suitable for burning wood as well as smokeless fuels anywhere in the UK.

Slim depth versions available

Stovax Stockton 5 Wide stove

If space in your living space or fireplace is at a premium, then perhaps you’re also considering a stove with a reduced depth. Well as it happens the Stockton 5 is also available as a wide version for such occasions. The Stockton 5 Wide Fixed Grate Wood and Multi-fuel stoves offer impressive flame visuals, thanks to their landscape burn chamber and large viewing window. The best bit is that it offers the same 5kW Ecodesign Ready performance as the standard Stockton 5, making it an ideal choice for homes that would benefit from its wider front and narrower depth. Plus, with a choice of single or double doors the Stockton 5 Wide Eco can provide an alternative style.

The fixed grate that comes as standard means this stove is designed to predominantly burn wood, but gives the flexibility to occasionally burn smokeless fuels if desired.

Electric and Gas versions available

Did you know? The Stockton 5 stove is also available as a gas and electric model. If you’re undecided on which fuel type to opt for with your new stove, the Stockton 5 Gas or Stockton 5 Electric could be worth considering. Built from the same high-quality materials as the wood burning models, Gazco Gas and Electric stoves offer all the looks and aesthetic of a real log burner but with the convenience of a gas and electric model.

On the inside, the Stockton 5 Gas stove offers high efficiency heating utilising state-of-the-art gas burners embedded between the highly realistic log-effect. Meanwhile, the Stockton 5 Electric stove features the latest Chromalight® immersive technology to deliver ultra-realistic flame visuals and fuel bed lighting which is enjoyable with or without the heat.

Other sizes available

If you like the look and feel of these stoves, but perhaps the size or heat output is not right for your home or fireplace, the good news is that both are available in alternative sizes. While the County 3 wood burning stove provides a compact alternative to the County 5, the Stockton range offers five alternative sizes to the Stockton 5, including the Stockton 5 Wide. Therefore, there’s bound to be an option that is just perfect for your home.

Find out more about the Stockton range here.

Where to find out more

To find out more about our range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves or fires, speak to your local retailer today. You can find your nearest retailer here.


11 responses to “County 5 and Stockton 5 – two of the best traditional wood burning stoves?”

  1. Anna Bennett says:

    Hi there, do you have any stockton 5 stoves in stock? How much are they and how quickly can it be delivered to Collooney, Co Sligo Ireland

  2. Robert says:

    Hi I wonder if you can help, I’m looking to purchase a wood burning, eco
    design stove.

    I’m in the situation that I have a large fireplace opening and a small room,
    so I don’t want to purchase a stove that will look silly in the fireplace
    yet be too powerfull for the room size.

    I was looking at the Stockton 5 and Country 5

    Mr room is
    W – 10ft, L – 13.5ft, H – 8.5 ft this is further reduced by the chimney

    My fireplace is Height – 800mm, Depth 400mm, Width – 740mm.

    Would something like the Stockton 5 and Country 5 be suitable for my needs or too warm?

    The house is a cold 1930s semi with seperate living and dining rooms and 3

    Hope you can assist me.



  3. Stephen says:

    It would be very helpful if you could list which wood/multi stoves have Direct Air kits as optional.

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Stephen, thanks for your comment, the following models are applicable:
      Chesterfield models, Sheraton models, Vogue models, Futura 5 and Huntingdon 30
      Hope this helps.
      Many thanks, Chris

  4. Jonathan Hipgrave says:


    Do you supply a multi fuel kit for the county 5?

    Kind regards

    Jonathan Hipgrave

  5. Steve Haines says:


    Do Stovax have any stoves that are ‘Clearskies’ assessed and compliant? I want to buy a British made product but need to future proof my purchase as far as possible and mitigate emissions.

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Steve, thanks for your question.
      The clearSkies Scheme is an independent certification initiated by the Stove Industry Alliance (SIA). It is not a regulation required of manufacturers by law. In comparison, Ecodesign is a regulation that manufacturers must meet in order to legally bring their product to the market, all hinged on improving air quality and minimising emissions. All of our stoves and fires are verified as Ecodesign compliant, meeting and exceeding the stringent air quality and efficiency standards of the Ecodesign directive and supporting the Government’s Clean Air Strategy.
      I hope this aids you in your decision making!

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