6 Spectacular Small Log Burners With Remarkable Character

6 Spectacular Small Log Burners With Remarkable Character

Needing heat for a cosy spot? We’ve compiled a list of small wood burning stoves to suit any setting, from cabin, to conservatory, to home, to houseboat!

When it comes to getting cosy of an evening, there’s nothing quite like lighting up a log burner and cocooning up in a fluffy warm blanket by the fire. For those of us with small living spaces, though, larger log burners simply pump out too much heat! If your place of relaxation happens to be a small snug or houseboat – or if perhaps you’re looking to add creature comforts to a cushy shed or home office – you’ll be searching for something that doesn’t pack quite such a punch. For just that reason, we’ve compiled our top 6 picks for the perfect small wood burning stove!

Futura 4 Wood Burning Stove

The Stovax Futura 4 is a small log burner prioritising outstanding flame visuals, with curved doors and expansive viewing windows. Inside, air jets within the Futura’s advanced burn chamber channel air to key areas of fire, providing high-performance heating with minimal emissions. Wherever you’re located, these modern small wood burners are all DEFRA exempt for Smoke Control Areas as standard and therefore suitable for both urban and country settings. Airwash jets above the glass wash the screen with air, ensuring your viewing experience stays crisp and clear.

Stovax Futura 4 Wood Burning stove

Stockton 3 Multi Fuel Stove

The Stovax Stockton 3 is a small wood burner and multi fuel stove providing many of the features of a full-size stove in a convenient package. Its proportions allow it to fit into the typical chimney opening found in most homes, with the chair brick or Milner brick removed. Thanks to its adaptable design, the Ecodesign Stockton 3 can be used in urban or rural settings alike and can also burn smokeless mineral fuels as well as wood.

Stovax Stockton 3 multi fuel stove

Vogue Small Wood Burning Stove

Subtle, versatile styling makes the Stovax Vogue Small wood burning stove an excellent choice for homes in need of a compact but contemporary log burner. Thanks to it state-of-the art Ecodesign combustion systems, the Vogue Small log burner is suitable for burning wood anywhere in the UK and Ireland. This versatile stove can be mounted on a Plinth or Midline base for added height.

Stovax Vogue Small Wood Burning Stove

Nordpeis Orion Wood Burning Stove

With its long, sleek legs, delicate side designs, and a petite brass handle, the Nordpeis Orion wood burning stove stands out distinctively with it’s nordic heritage. The compact size of the Orion makes it ideal for more intimate spaces like conservatories, hallways, or cosy outdoor nooks. Moreover, its functional hot plate is great for tasks like boiling water or preparing a stew, adding a touch of classic allure to your residence.

Nordpeis Orion Small Wood Burning Stove

Studio 500 Freestanding Fire

The Ecodesign Stovax Studio 500 Freestanding wood burning fire boasts a compact yet inventive design, increasing the Studio’s adaptability to diverse home settings.

Matching the heat output of the Studio 1 Freestanding stove, the Studio 500 offers a comforting warmth perfect for a snug inglenook. For an added touch of style, the Studio 500 can be showcased on one of Stovax’s Freestanding Benches.

Studio 500 Freestanding Fire

County 3 Multi Fuel Stove

The Stovax County 3 is a small wood and multi fuel log burner offering a charming rustic exterior and designed to suit modern and traditional interiors alike. Classic details such as the arched window and door bevelling are balanced with clean lines and practical controls, while a large glass window delivers a superb view of the flames.

County 3 Multi Fuel Stove

Where can I purchase a small wood burning stove?

For more information on the small wood burners above or to answer any installation queries you might have, please contact your local Stovax retailer.

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    I have a stovax , stockton milner, serial number: BST 49979, MODEL STMB , we were burgled not last year but year before and the burglers broke the glass can you tell me where i can get one please i live in west bromwich , size is 12.3/4 inches x 10.1/2 i work in inches lol

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