Six Small Wood Burning Stoves with Plenty of Character

Six Small Wood Burning Stoves with Plenty of Character

Need a bit of heat for a cosy corner? Or maybe there isn’t a lot of space in your chimney opening? If you’re looking for a small wood burning stove for a tight spot, read on and relax. We’ve put together a quick rundown of compact yet characterful stoves to suit any setting, from cabin to conservatory or home to houseboat!

Stockton 3 wood burning stove

The Stovax Stockton 3 wood burning stove provides many of the features of a full-size stove in a convenient package. Its proportions allow it to fit into the typical chimney opening found in most homes, with the chair brick or Milner brick removed. Thanks to its adaptable design, the Ecodesign Ready Stockton 3 can be used in urban or rural settings alike and can also burn smokeless mineral fuels as well as wood.

Stockton 4 wood burning stove

If you’re looking for the footprint and style of the Stockton 3 above, but fancy a slightly taller wood burning stove, take a look at the Stovax Stockton 4. Thanks to its extra height, the Stockton 4 has a larger firebox and glass viewing window than the smaller 3, for enhanced flame visuals. This Ecodesign Ready, small wood burning stove also features full multi-fuel capability.

Vision Small T wood burning stove

Sleek black glass surfaces clearly distinguish the Stovax Vision Small T as a designer wood burning stove. Thanks to its tall proportions, this contemporary wood burner has the presence to match larger appliances, whilst minimising floor space required due to its compact footprint. Stainless steel air controls accent this small wood burning stove’s reflective exterior and provide responsive flame and heat adjustment of the Ecodesign combustion systems. To enhance its looks, the Vision Small T can be upgraded with an optional black glass top plate and plinth.

Huntingdon 25 wood burning stove

With its high quality cast iron construction, the Ecodesign Ready Stovax Huntingdon 25 wood burning stove brings traditional styling and high-efficiency heat to any location. Highly adaptable, this small wood burning stove can be styled to suit your personal tastes and is available with either a tracery or clear door.

Vogue Small wood burning stove

Subtle, versatile styling makes the Stovax Vogue Small wood burning stove an excellent choice for homes in need of a compact but contemporary log burner. Incorporating state-of-the art combustion systems the Vogue Small wood burning stove is suitable for burning wood anywhere in the UK and Ireland thanks to its Ecodesign combustion systems. This versatile stove can be mounted on a Plinth or Midline base for added height.

Vogue Small T wood burning stove

The Stovax Vogue Small T wood burning stove is the taller version of the Small above, granting that little bit of extra flame view thanks to its bigger window. The taller internal dimensions also give you more room for longer logs, reducing refuelling frequency. Like the Vogue Small wood burning stove above, this stove is Ecodesign Ready and can also be selected in a multi-fuel version. Raise your Vogue Small T’s height further with the Midline base option, which also provides a handy log storage area.

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    I have a stovax , stockton milner, serial number: BST 49979, MODEL STMB , we were burgled not last year but year before and the burglers broke the glass can you tell me where i can get one please i live in west bromwich , size is 12.3/4 inches x 10.1/2 i work in inches lol

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