Convector Stoves and Fires: The Complete Guide

Convector Stoves and Fires: The Complete Guide

If you're considering upgrading your fireplace and have heard about convector stoves and fires, you might be wondering what exactly that means. In this guide we break it down and explore what you need to know to help inform your decision.

Considering a new wood burning stove or have heard about convector stoves and wondering what it means? These stoves work a little differently to a usual stove which you may already be familiar with, otherwise known as a radiant stove.

This guide to convector stoves covers:

What is a convector stove?

A convector stove is a wood burning stove that works a little differently from a non-convector stove in the way it provides heat to a room.

Non-convector stoves, sometimes called radiant stoves, work in much the same way as a household radiator. That is, as the name suggests simply radiate heat to the surrounding air through the door glass and metal body.

Convector stoves on the other hand, are designed and built to promote air-to-air heat exchange around other parts of the stove, making use of natural convection currents when cool air warms up.

How do convector stoves work?

Convector wood burning stoves such as the Stovax Chesterfield 5 and Huntingdon 30, are generally designed with a secondary outer layer. Cool air from within the room is drawn into the convection chamber between the inner and outer layer and heated as it rises within the stove, before flowing out of the front of the stove and into the room.

Some Stovax stoves also have the option of an electrically operated fan to boost the convection process and provide a quicker warm-up time within your room. When utilised correctly a power assisted fan can further increase efficiency. This is because as much heat energy is being pushed into the room as possible, meaning less heat escaping up the flue.

Why choose a convector stove?

At this point you may be wondering, why you should choose a convector stove over a radiant stove.

The short answer is… it depends on your home. Convector stoves aren’t suitable for every space, and therefore a radiant stove may still be a better solution in those instances.

Whereas radiant stoves are usually chosen for their looks and the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve for your home, a convector stove is usually chosen when it suits the environment.

Scenarios where a convector stove really excels are in a house or room that will benefit from high heat output and can take full advantage of natural convection currents, such as those with high ceilings. In addition, if you need to heat multiple rooms, certain models of convector stoves such as the Stovax Studio Air wood burning fires range, can be ducted to achieve this. In some cases, a system such as this will require fan assistance, such as when the room being heated is on the same floor as the fire.

Examples of convector stoves and fires

As the UK’s largest stove and fire manufacturer, Stovax offers a wide variety of convector stoves across our inset and freestanding wood burning and multi-fuel ranges.

Those looking to renovate an existing fireplace by upgrading an old open fire may look to a freestanding convector stove such as the traditional Chesterfield 5 Wide. If contemporary is more your style, the striking presence of a large format stove such as the Studio Air 2 Freestanding is sure to deliver spectacular flame views.

Stovax Chesterfield 5 Wide wood burning convector stove

Meanwhile, those looking for a more bespoke designer centrepiece may prefer an inset convector fire such as the Vogue 700 or a Studio Air Inset wood burning fire.

Stovax Studio Air 2 Edge+ Wood burning convector fire

All of these are great choices and whatever you’re looking for, there’s sure to be a convector model that would make an ideal choice for your home.

Multi-fuel models available

If you are considering a multi-fuel stove or fire over a dedicated wood burning model, you’ll be pleased to hear that Stovax have a range of multi-fuel convector stoves and fires across our product range.

These are stoves with a multi-fuel grate that enables you to burn both wood and recommended mineral fuels while also benefitting from advanced convection heat flow systems.

When it comes down to aesthetics, multi-fuel convector stoves are available across our traditional and contemporary styled stoves and fires. Whether it’s the traditional feel of the Chesterfield 5 or Huntingdon 30, or a more contemporary vibe with the Vogue Midi T Highline, there’s sure to be a multi-fuel convector stove for nearly any home style.

Stovax Huntingdon 30 Ecodesign

Convector stoves and fires for Smoke Control Areas

As with radiant stoves and fires, one thing to consider when choosing a new convector stove or fire is whether you live in a smoke control area. Many UK towns and cities are smoke control areas, meaning that unless you are using an exempt appliance, you may only burn fuels approved by the government in these areas.

Fortunately, Stovax are proud to offer a large range of stoves and fires which are DEFRA exempt for smoke control areas, and this includes our convector stoves and fires. By choosing one of these models, you can be sure that you’re getting a highly efficient appliance with state-of-the-art convection heat flow systems, which is suitable for use anywhere in the UK.

Where to buy a convector stove?

If this guide has helped you decide on a convector stove for your next stove or fire, you can speak to your local expert retailer for more advise and guidance. Find your nearest retailer here.




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  1. Stephen says:

    We are looking for a convection wood-burning stove (free-standing) in contemporary style – a radiant stove is not an option for us.

    The Stovax website does not give us the information we need – a full list of all convection wood-burners available would have helped. The boast is that the ideal convection stove is there to be chosen – if so, impossible to find it!

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