How to Spring Clean Your Stove or Fire

How to Spring Clean Your Stove or Fire

During spring, we tend to refresh our homes. Perhaps you are thinking about a new coat of paint in the kitchen, or perhaps even a renovation of your living room. With a spring clean on the cards, it is also the perfect time to give your stove or fire a service. Your product user instructions will describe the annual maintenance that is required for most products, however here is a basic guide.

With the cold winter nights beginning to give way to the warm summery evenings brought around by the official start of British Summer Time, now is a great time to give your stove or fire a good spring clean! Whether it’s wood burning, electric, or gas, below are some quick tips for things to cover during your cleaning session in order to get your appliance ready to go for the next cold spell.

Wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires

During an annual service, your solid fuel stove or fire will need to be stripped and cleaned. Starting with the inside of the firebox, wait until the stove or fire is completely cool and then remove all the excess ash, and vacuum up the finer particles.

Next it’s time to check the firebricks for damage, and give them a good clean using a soft brush. You’ll need to replace any that are broken although smaller chips can be repaired using Stovax Fire Cement.

The door glass also needs to be checked carefully, and then cleaned thoroughly with glass cleaner. It’s important you choose the right kind of glass cleaner as printed glass requires a different cleaning product than plain door glass. If there is any damage, the door glass will need replacing.

Check your door rope seal too, which can become loose or worn over time. Watch our video to help with how to replace your door seal if required.

If the exterior of your stove or fire requires some TLC, Stovax Thermolac Stove Paint or Stovax Colloidal Black Stove Dressing is available for most painted finishes.

Gas stoves and fires

Gazco's Reflex 75T Evoke Steel with graphite front and rear with brick effect lining

Gas stoves and fires will also need servicing following the instructions supplied with the product. After turning off your gas appliance off fully and waiting for it to cool down, start by cleaning the door glass with a non abrasive glass cleaner and soft cloth.

Should the fuel effect logs require cleaning, these can be lightly brushed with a soft brush while any large pieces of debris may be removed by hand. For glass fronted appliances, you can remove and refit the glass following the instructions for your specific product.

We recommend having your gas fire safety checked and serviced at least once a year, by a registered gas service engineer. You can find a qualified engineer on the Gas Safe website.

Electric stoves and fires

It is easy to spring clean an electric fire or stove. With the appliance turned off and the glass removed following the instructions for your product, simply dust and clean the fuel effects with a lint free duster. Any accessible air inlets and outlets should be cleaned with a soft cloth or the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner. This will maintain the optimum heat output and efficiency from the fire. The glass itself can be wiped with a damp cloth and then buffed with a lint free duster.

Your instruction manual for your appliance should include further information on servicing your electric stove or fire.

Chimney Maintenance

Don’t forget! If you own a wood burning stove or multi-fuel stove, as well as cleaning the appliance itself it’s very important to keep your chimney clean and free from debris too. We strongly recommend finding your local HETAS approved chimney sweep to carry out the cleaning as they can provide you with a certificate of sweeping, which complies with the requirements for most home insurance companies. Be sure to check out our article on the importance of maintaining your chimney.

If you need any help or advice, your local retailer will be able to give you more information about servicing your stove or fire.

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