Express yourself with the Gazco Liberty 85 Freestanding Electric Fire

Express yourself with the Gazco Liberty 85 Freestanding Electric Fire

Sleek lines. Bold style. Stunning visuals. The Liberty 85 is not your average electric fire. Striking landscape proportions and a wealth of styling options make this a stunning addition to your home.

Brand new to Gazco’s range of contemporary electric fires, the Gazco Liberty 85 is a freestanding electric fire designed to offer a statement focal point. If you’re looking for a state-of-the-art electric centrepiece with stunning flame visuals and a bold presence, the Liberty 85 is a great choice.

Industry Leading Chromalight® Technology

Featuring state-of-the-art Chromalight® Immersive LED technology which provides a vivid flame display, the Liberty 85 electric fire offers three flame options including natural amber, striking blue or even a combination of the two. For a truly immersive display, each flame colour is enhanced with matching downlighting, bathing the fuel bed in your choice of warming amber or cool white.

Gazco Liberty 85 Freestanding electric fire

Offering a choice of fuel effects including realistic logs, grey & clear pebbles and crystal ice-effect each delivering a different aesthetic, the Liberty 85 Freestanding electric fire allows you to customise the look to your home. Bringing the fuel bed to life, powerful Chromalight® ember bed up-lighting illuminates the chosen fuel effect from below. Offering a palette of 13 different colours including amber for an authentic glowing ember bed, or something more vibrant to suit the atmosphere, a fuel bed lighting spectrum mode is also available for a charming cycling display of all available colours. When it’s time for a change of decor, the electric fires glass front is easily removable to allow you to change the fuel effects, or rearrange them as you like for a display that’s bespoke to you.

Gazco Liberty 85 Freestanding electric fire

Black or White Finishes

Two sophisticated finishes along with a selection of mounting options available for the Liberty 85 electric fire give you the freedom to choose the look of this freestanding electric fire. While the black finish puts the focus on the flame and fuel effects, for a more contemporary finish the white frame perfectly complements the many colourful flame and fuel bed options, further enhancing the appeal of this freestanding electric fire.

Gazco Liberty 85 Freestanding electric fire

Choice of Mounting Options

The Liberty 85 also offers a range of mounting choices, depending on the look and feel you’re striving for. Available with matching black or white Plinth and Bench mounts to elevate this electric fire, the Liberty 85 is also suitable for use with a range of stove benches available.

Gazco Liberty 85 Freestanding electric fire

Modern Convenience

The Liberty 85 electric fire’s advanced Programmable Thermostatic remote control gives you full control over this freestanding electric fires array of features. Adjust flame and fuel bed lighting settings, turn on or off the heater function independently of the flame visuals, as well as set your desired ambient room temperature all from the palm of your hand. Innovative energy saving features mean once you’ve set your ideal temperature, simply sit back and enjoy the flame visuals, while the Liberty 85 reaches the set temperature it in the most intelligent way to minimise energy usage. Built in daily and weekly timer control functions are also available via the remote handset, which allow the Liberty 85 electric fire to be programmed to turn on automatically to provide heat at certain times of the day, or days of the week.

Gazco Liberty 85 Freestanding electric fire

Featuring smart Ecodesign compliant energy-saving features such as open window detection, the Liberty 85 can automatically turn off the heat when a drop in temperature is detected, in order to save energy. Heat can be resumed by closing the window until the temperature rises, or simply pressing the heat button again on the remote.


Where to buy a Liberty 85 Freestanding Electric Fire

The best place to buy a Liberty 85 Freestanding electric fire is your local Gazco retailer. Speak to them today to see this stunning new electric fire in action.

Looking for an Built-in Electric Fire with the same stunning visuals?

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