Gazco Yeoman Contemporary Gas & Electric Stoves

Gazco Yeoman Contemporary Gas & Electric Stoves

If you're looking for a contemporary stove with the convenience of gas or electric. The Gazco Yeoman CL gas stove range and CL electric stove range could be just what you're looking for. Read on below to find out more.

Looking for all of the cosy charm of a wood burning stove, but without the refuelling and other requirements? Our high efficiency CL gas stove range and CL electric stove range offer complete convenience, with stunning flame visuals appearing at the touch of a button.

A stylish design

Designed to suit a huge range of styles, the Gazco Yeoman CL gas and CL electric log burner ranges offer clean, contemporary aesthetics that blur the line between traditional and contemporary aesthetics. Their robust cast iron and heavy gauge steel construction features a subtly curved door and attractively beveled window frame. A curved cast iron top plate and stainless steel door handle complete the look of these stylish stove ranges.

For added presence, all CL gas stoves and CL electric stoves can be mounted on top of a choice of stove benches, which add additional height to the centrepiece.

Stunning flame visuals

Each of our gas CL gas stoves have been designed to offer you a highly realistic flame visual. Hand detailed log fuel effects and glowing ember wool combines with tall and varied flames to look just like a real wood fire. Each features polished stainless steel side panels in the firebox, which reflect the visuals to enhance the display.

Meanwhile, our electric CL Stoves feature immersive Chromalight LED lighting systems to provide a highly realistic and impressive flame picture. A choice of fuel effects and flame visual settings allow you to reach your desired ambience and the option to enjoy the flames with or without the heat is a benefit of electric stoves.

Remote control options

Designed with the latest gas fire technology, Gazco Yeoman CL gas stoves are controlled manually but can be selected with a remote control for complete convenience. Choose from the optional Standard Remote Control to adjust flame height and heat or the Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control to schedule your stove to suit your lifestyle.

For maximum convenience, all of our CL electric stoves come with a Thermostatic Eco Remote Control as standard, which puts the full range of settings at your fingertips.

Multiple sizes available

A range of sizes gives you the freedom to choose a CL gas stove that meets your requirements. The smallest stove in the range, the CL3, provides up to 2.5kW of heat output, whereas the mid sized CL5 can generate up to 3.8kW of heat. The largest gas stove in the range, the CL8, can produce up to 5.5kW of heat. All models can be selected in conventional or balanced flue as well as natural gas or LPG, meaning you neither require a chimney or a mainline gas connection to enjoy these stoves.

Where to buy Gazco Yeoman CL gas and electric stoves?

You can speak to your nearest local retailer for more information on these stylish gas stoves. Find your local retailer here.

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