Large Log Burners: Comfort and Efficiency for Big Spaces

Large Log Burners: Comfort and Efficiency for Big Spaces

In this blog post we dive into how a large log burner from Stovax can revolutionise heating in large spacious environments, using state-of-the-art combustion systems.

In the quest for cosy, cost-effective heating solutions for large spaces, many have turned to the charm and efficiency of log burners. Whether it’s a barn conversion, a major renovation, or a self-build project, when it comes to heating large open-plan spaces the challenge is not just in generating heat but also in efficiently distributing it. A large log burner from Stovax is the perfect blend of functionality, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. This post delves into how these log burners can revolutionise heating in spacious environments.

Why choose a large log burner from Stovax

Open-plan living spaces, such as those found in barn conversions or expansive living areas, require heating solutions that are both powerful and adept at distributing heat evenly. Many of Stovax’s large log burners such as those in the Studio Air Wood Burning fire range, feature state-of-the-art convection heat flow systems that draw in cool air from the room, warm it, and then disperse it back into the room, efficiently heating the space.

Studio Air insert wood burner

Key benefits of Stovax’s convector stoves

  1. Efficiency: Stovax log burners are designed for maximum heat output while minimising emissions. This efficiency means you get more heat from less fuel.
  2. Efficient Heat Distribution: The convection system ensures warm air is spread throughout the room, increasing efficiency further.
  3. Reduced Clearance: Convector log burners often have built-in heat shields that allow for reduced minimum distance to combustibles, increasing installation versatility and making them ideal for barn conversions and custom-built homes where space utilisation is key.
  4. Environmental Considerations: Wood burning is a carbon-neutral process. By choosing a sustainable source of wood, you’re making an eco-friendly choice. Choosing one of our high-efficiency log burners means you can make your wood supply go as far as possible.
  5. Design Variety: Stovax offers designs ranging from traditional to modern, catering to different aesthetic preferences.
  6. Durability and Quality: Known for their durability, Stovax log burners are a long-term investment for your property.

Best large log burners for big spaces

The Stovax Studio Air range offers a variety of big freestanding log burners, as well as large inset fires for a distinctive hole-in-the-wall look. There are two heat outputs available: the Studio Air 1 with a 5kW nominal heat output, or the larger Studio Air 2 with an 8.2kW heat output. For tailoring the look to your décor, all models can be chosen with a choice of black, storm grey, or white coloured decorative trim.

Studio Air 2 Freestanding large log burner

Both freestanding Studio Air models are able to be mounted on a choice of steel benches, for increasing the viewing height of these beautiful log burners. Meanwhile inset models can be chosen as a frameless edge or further accentuated with a choice of stylish frames to complete the look.

Another option for those looking to achieve the built-in look is the award-winning Stovax Riva2 range. These inset wood burning and multi-fuel fires deliver sophisticated design and Ecodesign performance in equal measure. Available in four sizes, the Riva2 66 inset log burner is the largest, and offers an impressive 8.1kW heat output that’s sure to bring cosiness to even the largest of spaces.

Stovax Riva2 66 inset log burner

The Riva2 inset fire collection, with its premium steel casing, durable cast iron grate, log guard, and user-friendly handle design, delivers an exquisite blend of style and high-efficiency heating. Each Riva2 fireplace can be customised with a choice between two sophisticated decorative frames: the sleek Profil XS and its slightly broader counterpart, the Profil. Available in both three-sided and four-sided options, these frames enable you to set up your Riva2 at hearth level or position it higher on the wall, creating a chic, built-in appearance.

Selecting the right model for your space

Choosing a large log burner for a barn conversion, renovation, or self-build involves several considerations:

  • Size and Heat Output: Ensure the log burner’s capacity matches the size of your space. Your expert Stovax approved retailer can help you to calculate the size of wood stove needed for your room dimensions.
  • Style Preferences: Select a design that complements your interior. Choose between freestanding or inset models as well as any additional model specific mounting options, such as whether to opt for a bench or additional frame.
  • Installation and Safety: Professional installation and proper ventilation are crucial, especially in custom-designed spaces. A log burner must be installed by a professional who is qualified and registered with a competent person scheme, therefore we’d recommend speaking to your expert Stovax retailer in the first instance for all your installation needs.

Log burner shown in a pink room with Barbiecore interior design trend. An inset wood burning stove.

Where to buy a large log burner

With their breadth of installation knowledge and wide range of Stovax models on display, to learn more about our range of large log burners, it’s best to visit your local expert Stovax retailer. They can advise you on factors like size, style, and installation requirements, allowing you to transform your large open area into a warm, inviting, and stylish environment.

Find Your Retailer

Stovax’s large log burners, particularly those with convection heat flow systems, offer an exceptional solution for heating large open spaces. They not only provide efficient a cost-effective way to keep your space warm and comfortable, but also contribute to the aesthetic and style of your space.

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