Introducing the new Gazco eReflex 150RW Electric fire

Introducing the new Gazco eReflex 150RW Electric fire

Now featuring app control, optional mood lighting, an all-new highly realistic log-effect; the Gazco eReflex 150RW is a new generation eReflex electric fire.

Brand new to the Gazco eReflex range of electric fires, the Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire delivers much more than a fireside glow. If you’re looking for the perfect contemporary designer centrepiece that’s controllable with both a remote and an innovative app, plus compatible with an optional mood lighting kit, the eReflex 150RW makes the perfect choice.

Enhanced installation possibilities

Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire

Easily configurable as a single-sided, corner, or three-sided electric fire for enhanced installation possibilities, the versatile eReflex 150RW makes it simple to revitalise any living space.

Whether installed as part of a media wall, or three-sided designer centrepiece for panoramic flame views, the eReflex 150RW can be easily tailored to your chosen ambience. With a choice of fuel bed options including the highly realistic Oak Log-effect or Crystal Ice Effect plus a range of different lighting effects available, your installation will be unique to you.

Multiple lighting effects

Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire log-effect fuel bed

Powered by Gazco’s Chromalight® Immersive LED technology, the eReflex 150RW offers a range of beautiful lighting effects to tailor the look of your electric fire. With three different flame options including orange, orange with blue accent, and blue, pulsing glowing embers, and eight fuel bed colours plus a cycling spectrum mode the eReflex 150RW electric fire delivers a next level ambience. For a centrepiece that can be enjoyed all year round, the vast array of flame and lighting options can all be enjoyed with or without the heat.

Remote and app control

Remote control app for Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire

For maximum convenience, you’ll not only have control over your eReflex 150RW electric fire using the Themostatic Eco Remote Control, but also through the innovative new app available for iOS and Android devices. This handy app allows you to adjust the array of lighting settings as well as programme heat and lighting functions to turn on according to a timer, independently from each other.

If you prefer to simply set you desired temperature and let your electric fire do the rest, the eReflex 150RW’s remote handset allows you to do just this, and the 2kW heater will attempt to reach it as efficiently as possible.

Optional mood lighting kits

Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire with optional Mood Lighting Kit

An optional mood lighting kit available with the eReflex 150RW is designed to take ambience to even greater levels. Perfect for placing around a TV, or underneath shelving, these flexible LED strips bring colourful ambient lighting to other areas of your room, with your choice of 13 colours or the cycling spectrum mode.

Fully controllable via the app or remote control, these additional mood lighting kits come with everything you need to enhance your installation with colour.

To celebrate the launch of the new generation eReflex 150RW, for a limited time, throughout November and December, we’re giving away a free mood lighting kit with each purchase of a Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire via one of our approved retailers. Speak to your local retailer to find out more.

Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire with Crystal Ice Fuel Effect

Find out more about the Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire

To find out more about the Gazco eReflex 150RW electric fire, speak to your local Gazco retailer today.


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