Why now is the perfect time to consider a wood burning stove

Why now is the perfect time to consider a wood burning stove

If ever-increasing energy costs have got you wishing to live a little more off-grid, a wood burning stove could be the perfect way to achieve more self-sufficiency when it comes to heating your home. We've rounded up some things to consider in order to get the most out of your wood burning stove.

While a gas or electric stove is a stellar choice for many who are looking for ultimate convenience, for others the idea of living sustainably is worth the extra effort for their home heating needs. After all, a wood burning stove is not just a centrepiece, but a way of life.

If you’re looking for a new wood burning stove for your home, there are many styles and sizes available within our traditional and contemporary wood burning and multi-fuel stove ranges.

Size matters

Stovax County 8 Wood burning stove

Many wood burning stoves such as our Stovax County and Stockton ranges are available in different sizes, which are designed to offer different kW heat outputs. It’s important to consider the space you intend to heat with the appliance and opt for the size which has the closest heat output rating to what is needed for the space. Your local retailer can advise you on the right kW heat output for your home whilst carrying out a site survey.

Burn good quality wood

Pile of wood

Whichever stove you choose, it’s important to burn good quality wood to get the most out of your appliance. By burning high quality dry wood that has a moisture content of less than 20%, you’ll improve the efficiency of the stove as less heat will be wasted to evaporate any excess moisture. Burning the right wood not only helps your chimney stay clean for longer, but also allows your stove’s Airwash system to work at its most efficient, keeping your glass clear so you can enjoy the flames.

Should you wish to gather your own firewood, it’s important the logs are stored in a dry and well-ventilated place for at least 18 months to allow the moisture to evaporate. Once they have a moisture content of 20% or less, they will be ready to burn. A moisture meter can be used to check the moisture content of logs.

Alternatively, if you’re purchasing firewood, be sure to look for the Woodsure “Ready to Burn” stamp on bags of wood available from many outlets which means it has been certified for immediate use. Another way to source good quality firewood is to purchase it from a reputable supplier such as Certainly Wood, who supply kiln dried logs which have been certified to have a moisture content of less than 20%.

Ecodesign Approved

Stovax Huntingdon 30 Wood burning and multi-fuel stove

With new air quality and efficiency regulations coming into effect from 1st January 2022, Stovax is proud to offer a wide range of wood and multi-fuel Ecodesign stoves and fires. These appliances are designed, tested, and certified to lower emissions to an absolute minimum and feature cutting-edge high efficiency combustion system designs which make them some of today’s cleanest burning fires. All of our Ecodesign stoves and fires meet and in many cases exceed these new regulations, meaning there’s no need to wait to replace an old non-Ecodesign fireplace, stove or fire, and start benefitting from the latest highly efficient combustion systems.

DEFRA exempt appliances

Stovax Futura 5 Wood burning and multi-fuel stove

If you live in a smoke control area and intend to burn logs, you must use a DEFRA exempt appliance to comply with the Clean Air Act:1993. Stovax offer the largest range of DEFRA Smoke Control approved stoves and fires in the UK. Some appliances such as the Huntingdon 30, and Futura 5 are DEFRA exempt as standard which means they don’t require any additional kits to be made suitable for Smoke Control Areas.

To find out more about our huge range of wood burning and multi-fuel stoves, as well as see various models burning, seek the assistance of your local retailer.

2 responses to “Why now is the perfect time to consider a wood burning stove”

  1. john morgan says:

    I have a stovax wood burner needs a new fire rope on the door but am unsure of the model and therefore the rope diameter I could send a photo of the stove

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi John, the best thing would be to pop over to your local Stovax retailer as they can help identify the stove and then order in the correct part for you. They may also be able to do the work for you if needed.

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