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Amazing Modern Fireplace Ideas to Transform Your Home

 April 18, 2024    No Comments  Advice & Information

Fireplaces are not just functional. They’re pivotal for setting the aesthetic and atmosphere of your living space. With innovative materials, advanced technology, and creative design ideas, modern fireplaces provide warmth, comfort, and a striking visual centrepiece. Here, we delve into a variety of modern fireplace ideas that blend form with function, ensuring your space is both inviting and stylish.

Best Wall Mounted Electric Fires for Spectacular Ambience

 April 16, 2024    No Comments  Advice & Information, Electric Stoves & Fires

Discover the effortless charm and innovative simplicity of wall mounted electric fires - the perfect heating solution for modern homes without chimneys. In this blog post we explore the benefits of choosing a wall mounted electric fire for your home.

A Comprehensive Guide to Gas Fires: Your Questions Answered

 April 16, 2024    No Comments  Advice & Information

Gas fires have long been celebrated for their blend of warmth, ambience, and convenience. However, potential buyers often have a myriad of questions regarding their efficiency, running costs, and installation requirements. Let's dive into these queries, shedding light on what you need to know before adding a gas fire to your home.

Small wood burning stoves are a big trend!

 April 16, 2024    No Comments  Multi-Fuel Stoves & Fires, News & Updates, Wood Burning Stoves & Fires

Nothing compares to the irresistibly warm ambience of small Stovax wood burning stoves. Combining elegant traditional styling or bold contemporary impact with resolutely modern functionality, these stove ranges offer performance and style to any interior and can be selected in a wide range of sizes. If you desire to live a little more independently, a small wood burning stove could be the ideal way to achieve greater self-sufficiency when it comes to heating.

The Ultimate Guide to Installing a Log Burner in Your Conservatory

 April 11, 2024    2 Comments  Advice & Information, Electric Stoves & Fires, Gas Stoves & Fires, Multi-Fuel Stoves & Fires, Wood Burning Stoves & Fires

Can you have a log burner in a conservatory? Absolutely. Having a log burner in the conservatory changes the way you can use this extra space. Here are the key considerations you will need to remember.

New! Fall Under the Spell of the Onyx Eclipse Gas Fire

 April 11, 2024    No Comments  Gas Stoves & Fires, News & Updates

Introducing the all-new Onyx Eclipse 60HL gas fire, the latest addition to the prestigious Onyx brand of high-end luxury gas fires. Experience a never-before-seen level of realism and ambience in a gas fire, available now via your local Onyx approved retailer.

Two New Ecodesign Additions: Huntingdon 20 And 40 Stoves Unveiled

 April 10, 2024    No Comments  News & Updates, Wood Burning Stoves & Fires

Introducing two new stove sizes to the Stovax Huntingdon Wood burning and Multi-fuel stove range: the Huntingdon 20 and 40 - bringing warmth, elegance, and efficient heating to a broader range of living spaces.

Comprehensive guide to the best electric log burners with wow-factor

 April 4, 2024    No Comments  Advice & Information, Electric Stoves & Fires

In today's modern homes, electric fires and stoves have become a popular choice for homeowners seeking warmth, ambience, and energy efficiency. From electric media wall fires to the most realistic electric log burners, there’s an option to suit your exact heating and aesthetic preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into everything you need to know about electric fires and stoves, including key features, benefits, installation tips, and maintenance guidelines.

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