New Year, New Hue with Sweet Embrace by Dulux

New Year, New Hue with Sweet Embrace by Dulux

Dulux have revealed their Colour of the Year for 2024, and it's Sweet Embrace - an enchanting hue that resonates with harmony, tranquillity and refined elegance. Here's how to incorporate this delightful shade alongside a charming fireplace to create a sanctuary in your home.

As we step into 2024 and a new era of interior design, Dulux has unveiled a new colour that encapsulates the essence of serenity and warmth: Sweet Embrace. This gentle blossom pink is not just a colour; it’s a harbinger of peace and softness, infusing living and working spaces with a welcoming atmosphere that speaks to both the heart and the home.

Whether it stands alone or serves as a subtle backbone for an array of complementary palettes, Sweet Embrace is a colour that represents stability, calm, and friendliness.

Elena Breeze, Interior Designer for Stovax Heating Group says:

Due to its subtle undertones, Sweet Embrace goes beautifully with a large variety of colours. Paired with neutral earthy tones it can bring an organic and clean feel to any space. Alternatively, combining the shade with a pastel blue, muted green or even turquoise, you can create a playful yet calming and unique aesthetic. 

Sweet Embrace Home Décor Ideas

Imagine entering a room where the walls are adorned with the soft blush of Sweet Embrace, creating an environment that immediately puts you at ease. When coupled with the gentle glow of a fireplace, this colour is perfect for those seeking a retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, offering a visual hug that’s as comforting as it is chic.

A Sophisticated Retreat: The Classic Sitting Room

Gazco eStudio 60R electric fire with Dulux Sweet Embrace feature wall

In a more formal sitting room, Sweet Embrace can be the backdrop for a classic fireplace with mantel and a hearth, whether it’s a wood burner, gas fire, or electric fire like the Gazco eStudio 60R featured. The chimney breast is flanked either side by dark wood panelling and shelving, with LED downlighting to add a touch of grandeur. Furniture in soft beige or light grey fabrics offers a subtle contrast and invites long, relaxed conversations. To add depth and reflect natural light, a statement mirror above the mantel is a must. And don’t forget the power of artwork—abstract paintings that incorporate an accent colour, with strokes of complementary tones, will tie the entire room together.

The Heart of the Home: A Modern Living Space

Onyx Avanti 150RW electric fire with Dulux Sweet Embrace feature wall

In the bustling heart of the home, Sweet Embrace can create a focal point that is both modern and inviting. Pair this tender pink with plush, textured armchairs in neutral off-white, complemented by a contemporary tv media wall featuring a media wall electric fire like the Onyx Avanti 150RW, which serves as a mesmerising centrepiece. The key is to mix and match textures and metallic accents, such as a gold-framed glass coffee table or brass planters, to introduce a touch of opulence to the softness of the walls.

Final Touches for a Cohesive Look

No matter the room, Sweet Embrace is the perfect foundation for a wealth of other shades, supporting a diverse palette that can transform your space. From the soft glow of ambient lighting to the rich textures of textiles and the personal touch of curated accessories, this colour inspires a decor that’s harmonious, inviting, and emotionally comforting.

In this sanctuary of yours, the quintessence of comfort is epitomised by the warmth of a well-chosen fireplace, the heart of any haven. With a premium fireplace from the Stovax Heating Group, the radiant glow of a fire is the finishing touch that will not only complement Sweet Embrace but enhance it, creating an oasis of calm and sophistication. To find the perfect fireplace that aligns with your design aspirations, seek the expertise of your local Stovax & Gazco retailer. They understand that the right fireplace is the heart of any space, and will help you choose the perfect centrepiece to capture the essence of your sanctuary.

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