Cleaning and maintenance Guidelines for Cleaning and Maintenance

Guidelines for Cleaning and Maintenance

If you haven’t already – now would be a great time to give your multi fuel or wood burning stove, or wood-burning fire a good clean as the weather turns cold and the nights draw in.

Stockton 5

If you haven’t already – now would be a great time to give your multi fuel or wood burning stove, or wood burning fire a good clean as the weather turns cold and the nights draw in.

As well as getting your chimney swept by a qualified chimney sweep, there are other things that need to be done to ensure that your wood burning or multi-fuel appliance is ready to go for the winter season. All of these are best executed by a HETAS registered, qualified engineer, however there are things that can be done yourself by following the guidelines below and referring to the manual provided with your wood-burning fire or wood-burning stove.

  • Always allow the appliance to cool before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance
  • Remove all the following internal parts – baffle, firebricks, grate and ashpan. This can be done by following the specific instructions provided with your wood burning or multi fuel fire or stove.(Please do not remove the firebricks from the Studio or Vision)
  • It is incredibly important that you take care when handling the fire bricks as they can become fragile after use.
  • Vacuum any remaining ash and debris from inside the appliance (Stovax offer a filter/collection attachment for vacuum cleaners using dust bags – Ashclean)
  • Clean the internal surfaces using a wire brush and scraper as required.
  • Any debris can be vacuumed as above
  • Clean the grate and any grate parts with a wire brush and check for any damage, replace any damaged parts
  • Clean the firebricks with a soft brush, check the bricks and although some surface wear and tear will occur with use, damaged or broken bricks should be replaced
  • Re-fit all cleaned internal parts and replacement parts
  • Discard old or worn rope seal
  • Clean old glue from the groove which held the rope seal
  • Replace the rope seal, gluing into place with a thermic seal adhesive, and re-fit the glass
  • Lightly oil the door catch mechanism and hinge pins
  • To refresh the exterior look of your stove or fire, aerosol paint or colloidal black cleaner is available for most painted finishes. Enamelled surfaces should only be cleaned with a lightly dampened, soft cloth only.

Stovax have a great range of products and tools that can help you clean your wood burning or multi-fuel stove or fire. You can find out more information about these products on this site, or by contacting your local Stovax retailer.

If you would rather hire a qualified engineer to clean and service your multi-fuel or wood burning appliance you local Stovax retailer should be able to arrange this for you, or you can find the details of these engineers by visiting

32 responses to “Guidelines for Cleaning and Maintenance”

  1. Dean F says:

    Great article. its really important that you inspect the stove at least once a year for any damaged stove parts that might need replacing and its worth getting the spares in the warmer periods so you stove is ready for the winter.

  2. R Stevens says:


  3. Brian Strickson says:

    Hi I have a riva vision midi stove which is three years old and the air control has never been easy to move but it is getting very difficult to adjust.
    Is there any way to free the control without taking out the stove?

    • Darcy Hyland says:

      Good Morning Brian, thank you for taking the time to send us a message. It sounds as though you might need to use copper grease on the air controls, you can order the copper grease through your local retailer. The code for this product is: RVS-MEC10275

      Please find your local expert supplier

      I hope this helps,

  4. Allan Hope says:

    Which Stoves log burners can be swept through the front?

    • Darcy Hyland says:

      Good Morning Allan,
      Thank you for taking the time to send us a message.

      With our ever-growing list of stoves, there would be too many to list I’m afraid. But, if you make your way to our Find A Retailer page, you will be able to find your local expert supplier who will be able to help you.

      Please find the link below:

      Kind Regards,

  5. Cheryl says:

    I need to replace the fire bricks in my stovax stockton 8 multifuel burner. I am in the north somerset area. Suppliers don’t seem to stock the bricks

  6. Susanna Tee says:

    I have a Stovax Stockton 8 (STDFDA8WBK. Ash falls out of the front of it and there is always a pile of ask on my stone floor. Is there a way that I can prevent this happening?

    • Alex says:

      Is your Stockton 8 a free standing stove or a inset? STDFDA8WBK is not matching anything in our records?

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