Seize Tomorrow, with the newly expanded Futura Stove Range!

Seize Tomorrow, with the newly expanded Futura Stove Range!

With our new range of sizes, you can add the state-of-the-art technology and aesthetics of a Futura stove to a wider range of living spaces!

New Sizes Available!

Have you been searching for a cheery, minimalist centrepiece that brings warmth and life to your interior? Look no further than a Futura wood burning stove! This newly expanded range of Ecodesign Plus log burners offers its own signature, contemporary aesthetic in three distinct sizes. In addition to the already popular Futura 5, you can now match its stylish look to a cosy snug or conservatory with the Futura 4, or make use of the huge heat output of the Futura 8 in a large family room or open plan space!

Futura 4 WoodBurning Stove

High Performance Heat

Futura wood burning and multi fuel stoves feature advanced combustion technology, ensure a clean, low emission burn with high thermal efficiency. Advanced airflow systems deliver combustion air directly to key areas of the fire, minimising dead zones and facilitating as complete a burn as possible. Cleanburn jets also ensure that excess hydrocarbons emitted from combusting fuels burn up above the flames, maximising their heat output before they exit the chimney.

Each Futura’s impressive internals are the result of over 40 years of industry-leading British design and engineering. With this expertise, we make these fantastic stoves to exceed stringent Ecodesign standards! Thanks to their remarkable combustion performance, every Futura stove passes each of the reduced carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NOX), organic gaseous compound (OGC) and particulate (PM) limits to satisfy Ecodesign.

Stovax Futura 8 Log Burner

Crisp & Clear Flame Visuals with Responsive Control

The sleek forward curvature of the Futura’s door highlights its expansive viewing window, focusing all attention on the stunning flame visual within. What’s more, the stove’s advanced Airwash system channels combustion air across the inside of the glass, keeping it clear of any build-up that might obstruct a perfectly crisp view of the fire as it burns. The result? A picture perfect focal point for your living space, showcasing dancing flames that will keep you mesmerised through the evening!

A single, stylish, stainless-steel air control toggle features at the bottom of the stove, allowing for easy management of the airflow within the fire. As easily as flicking a light switch, you can set your Futura to boost mode, allowing for easy igniting, or quick relighting from a bed of embers!

Stovax Futura 5 Log Burner

Versatile Installation Options

Every Futura stove comes with integrated heat shields and a convector heat system, which both serve to direct heat forwards into the room, while reducing the minimum distance to combustibles! This means that, not only do you heat your home with higher efficiency, but you also have more options for installing your new stove exactly where you want it! In fact, both the Futura 4 & 5 are compatible with a standard 12mm decorative hearth – a larger 125mm constructional hearth is only required for the bumper heat output of a Futura 8.

And on the note of installing your Futura stove wherever you want it, even the larger Futura 8, also comes DEFRA exempt for Smoke Control Areas as standard, meaning you can have one installed in any area of the country.

Futura 8 Woodburning Stove

Choose Your Fuel Type

You can choose both the Futura 4 & Futura 5 with external riddling grates, providing multi fuel compatibility. Benefit from the fantastic efficiency of these cheerful stoves whether you’re opting for wood or smokeless mineral fuels!

A Futura dedicated wood burning stove features a flat bed in the stove’s burn chamber. This solid surface allows you to burn wood on a bed of ash for optimum combustion conditions.

In contrast, a Futura 4 or 5 multi fuel model features an advanced closeable riddling grate in the bottom of the burn chamber. When open, the riddling grate allows air to enter beneath the mineral fuels inside to create the perfect conditions for burning. This grate can also be ‘riddled’, or moved back and forth, to allow ash to fall into the drawer below for easy removal. And once closed, the riddling grate forms a flat surface, allowing ash to build up and provide excellent conditions for burning logs.

Stovax Futura 4 Log Burner

Where to See a Futura Stove Burning!

Stovax Futura wood burning and multi fuel stoves are sold exclusively through our trusted retailer network. To find your local Stovax retailer click here. Not only will your local retailer be able to demonstrate Futura stoves burning, they can also help with installation queries you may have.

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  1. Sharon Hargrave says:

    Is the Future 5 defra approved?
    Approx price in CM1 area?


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