Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Stovax Heating Group Limited recognise that our operations could impact on the environment and that we have a responsibility to control and reduce any potential negative effect. We endeavour to protect the environment through minimising any possible impact caused by our operations through working in a sustainable manner. We commit to the following to ensure our company not only prevents pollution but also continually improves its environmental performance.

The Stovax Heating Group will:

  • Implement and continually improve an environmental management system compliant with the standard BS ISO 14001:2015 as part of an Integrated Management System with BS ISO 9001:2015;
  • Identify and minimise, where possible, any environmental impacts of our operations;
  • Establish objectives and targets to drive continual improvement in environmental performance, the prevention of pollution and overall energy consumption;
  • Comply with current environmental legislation and relevant non-regulatory controls (including customer environmental requirements) and, where practical, go beyond these requirements;
  • Provide guidance and training to staff and relevant contractors in complying with our environmental policy whilst ensuring that their own work, so far as reasonably practicable, is carried out without risk to themselves, others or the environment;
  • Maintain emergency response plans for major environmental incidents;
  • Audit and review our environmental performance to ensure continual compliance with our policies and procedures;
  • Make our environmental policy available to interested parties, on request;
  • Ensure our products are energy efficient through sustainable design, material and construction methods and compliant with current relevant legislation;
  • Work with our supply chain to ensure they operate in an environmentally responsible way and promote sustainable solutions and best practice;
  • Environmental responsibility is the concern of every Stovax Heating Group employee, awareness of environmental issues will be ensured through training and active involvement;
  • The Directors and Managers of the business are responsible for ensuring the provision of appropriate resources and arrangements to ensure the implementation of the objectives of this policy and for ensuring that the company complies with environmental laws and regulations.

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