New for 2023 – eStudio 60R and 165R electric fire sizes

New for 2023 – eStudio 60R and 165R electric fire sizes

Find a solution to your installation needs with the new eStudio electric fire collection, now available in two brand-new sizes!

We’re pleased to announce that two brand-new sizes of the ever-popular Gazco eStudio Electric Fire Collection are now available to purchase through our network of approved retailers.

Originally launched in 2021, the eStudio electric inset fire range is renowned for offering stunning flame visuals, a choice of highly realistic Log or optional Silver Birch fuel effects, and ultra-realistic glowing fuel-effects. Possibly best of all is that eStudio inset fires all feature a slimline form designed to maximise floor space once installed. The addition of two new sizes means the range now encompasses five inset models and two wall mounted options, providing a solution to a variety of installation needs.

So, without further ado, introducing the all-new eStudio 60R and 165R electric inset fires, available today from your local Gazco retailer.

eStudio 60R – The Perfect Mantel Companion

The Gazco eStudio 60R Electric Fireplace offers the entrancing charm of the eStudio electric range in a portrait design, ideally suited for integration into a mantelpiece. This combination of traditional aesthetics with the modern convenience of on-demand electric heating and ambience makes it an irresistible addition to any home. Delight in the mesmerising glow of embers and log-effects, a variety of unique flame appearances, and the radiant Chromalight® LED system, all controllable via the remote handset. With the eStudio 60R electric fire, you can conjure the perfect atmosphere at merely a press of a button, whether you want the warmth or simply the glow.

eStudio 165R – Supersized Slimline Media Wall

As the new largest in the range, the eStudio 165R stands as the perfect media wall electric fire. This up-to-date, modern electric fireplace can effortlessly craft the ideal atmosphere with a simple touch of a button, and you can choose to have it with or without the heat. Immerse yourself in the captivating glow of embers and log-effects, an assortment of diverse flame displays, and the lively Chromalight® LED system. These features are all at your disposal via the remote handset, giving you the power to control your environment right from the comfort of your chair.

For the ultimate cinematic experience, you’ll no doubt want to pair the eStudio 165R with an equally large TV. The 165R pairs well with a TV between 55” to 65” to ensure the edges of the TV and fire align. For more information on media wall installations we’d recommend checking out our media walls explained guide.

Optional Mood Lighting Kits

Both of these new eStudio electric fires are easily installed with an optional LED Mood Lighting kit for an additional level of ambience. This optional kit consists of a 3-metre LED strip, connected through a discreet cable, offering 13 distinct LED colours that can align or contrast with the eStudio’s Chromalight fuel bed lighting hues. Simply place the adaptable LED strip above or below shelves, within chimney alcoves, or encircling a TV to enhance the ambience.

Where to buy your eStudio electric fire

The Gazco eStudio electric fire range is available from your expert Gazco retailer who’ll be able to answer any installation queries you may have, as well as offer guidance on sizing your fire to your room or TV. You can find your nearest one via our handy find a retailer tool.

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Posted by on August 22, 2023

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