Minimalism: an art-deco style

Minimalism: an art-deco style

Minimalism as an interior design trend is very popular at the moment. We break down what it means and how our range of stoves and fires can help you to bring a minimalist touch to your interiors.

What is minimalism?

The minimalist style was born in the early 1960s as a reaction to consumer society and vibrant colour palettes, and puts simplicity at the forefront. This style is based on the concept of ‘Less is more’ and results in clean lines and subdued colours. It’s a return to basics where the superfluous has no place. It is adopted not only in our interior decorations but also in our philosophy of life.

Stovax and Gazco have a wide range of minimalist products, from wood burning stoves to built-in electric fires as well as our popular gas appliances both traditional and contemporary. In this article we’ll give you a few examples of minimalist fireplace designs to inspire for your next fireplace renovation.

How do you add a minimalist touch?

Minimalism is a decorating style that goes well with any interior, whether it is large, bright, open rooms or smaller bedrooms. If you are thinking of adding a touch of minimalism to your interior but your decoration is not completely minimalist, no problem! The minimalist style is a philosophy that can be integrated into several styles of decoration, from Zen to vintage to Scandinavian. If you only want to add a minimalist touch, this is entirely possible and a centrepiece such as a log burner, whether real, gas, or electric, is the perfect way to do that.

Can a stove or fire really be considered minimalist?

Without a doubt! Thanks to their solid black colour and their cast iron materials, our contemporary stoves and built-in fires certainly belong to the category of minimalist decorative objects. The modern style of these appliances is often akin to minimalism thanks to their clean lines and chic and elegant style. Of course, if we take a closer look at the philosophy of life which consists in keeping only what is essential for the human being, then a wood burning stove or fire which provides heat and light, would be considered an essential object for primary needs.

Vogue Stoves

Vogue Midi T wood burning stove

The Vogue range of stoves feature a sturdy cast iron finish as well as a spacious glass pane providing an exceptional fiery spectacle. This particularly contemporary stove range is based on a sober and refined design in accordance with the minimalist style. Vogue stoves give an impressive heat output and can be installed either on a matching bench or plinth and will completely meet the standards of minimalism. A wide choice of sizes ranging from compact to large, mean there’s a suitable size for almost any size room. As well as wood burning and multi-fuel models, Vogue stoves are also available as gas and electric versions.

eReflex Electric Fires

eReflex 70W Outset Electric Fire

Inset Electric fires give a modern look to a room that will perfectly match its minimalist style. Take for example the eReflex outset electric fire designed to offer a multi-sided view of the flames, which can be installed as a two-sided or three-sided fire. Their versatile design allows them to be used in custom installations and can be personalized with various contours further enhancing the look of these stunning centrepieces.

The colour schemes

A built-in fire itself is a minimalist piece, offering a hole-in-the-wall look that fits so well with the style. However, the look can be accentuated with a choice of framing options that can further enhance the finish of the fire. Ranges such as our Studio Built-in fires offer a range of minimalist frames. From the Edge+ frame to the wider Profil frame, these allow you to add a subtle contrast to the fire’s aesthetic while retaining the core minimalist values.

Studio 2 Freestanding Gas Stoves

Studio 2 Freestanding gas fire

The Studio 2 Freestanding gas stove offers a spectacular panoramic view of the flames as well as a heat output of up to 6.23kW, which makes it ideal for medium and large rooms. For a contemporary finish that will add a minimalist touch to your interior, this remarkable gas stove is available with a plinth or a bench that perfectly matches the finish of the stove itself.

Studio Edge Gas Fires

Studio Edge Gas Fire

Gazco’s Studio Edge gas fires combine modernity and minimalism with its frameless design offering a natural hole-in-the-wall design. With both open and glass fronted models available, the latter benefit from a palette of two realistic fuel beds to choose from: logs, stones & pebbles effect or the new driftwood reminiscent of the seaside. Open fronted models can be accompanied by a fuel bed in white pebbles or the optional bed of pebbles in black or transparent glass which majestically underlines the visual of the flames.

We hope we have inspired you to appreciate the benefits of the minimalist style and philosophy. For more information on our range of stoves and fires, please speak to your expert local retailer.


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