Stovax Stockton log burner features on Old House, New Home

Stovax Stockton log burner features on Old House, New Home

Have you seen the latest episode of Old House, New Home with George Clarke? If you did, you may be wondering which log burner featured in the transformation… Read on to find out more!

Series 6, Episode 3 of Channel 4’s Old House, New Home takes us to East Sussex, where George Clarke is assisting Louis and Sarah with their 16th Century cottage renovation. When we first see the project, the cottage is more of a building site than a home, with dark domineering beams on the ceiling, and a huge outdated fireplace that looks out of place in the space. A 20th Century kitchen has been shoehorned in, disrupting the flow of this living area.

The transformation is incredible, and uses natural materials for a light and bright result, despite the cottage setting. The kitchen area is connected to the living area in an almost open plan style, but with screening to provide a separation between the two zones.

In the large fireplace, a Stovax Stockton wood burning stove takes centre stage, offering an updated heating solution for the space yet bringing all the modern capabilities of a modern log burner. With its timeless styling, the Stockton log burner looks perfectly suited to their home, following the couple’s subtle nod to traditional design.

If you are looking to recreate this result, you can find out more about the Stockton log burner range here. This wood burner is available in a variety of sizes, and also comes in gas stove and electric log burner versions. To find out which version is best suited for your home, speak to your local retailer.

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Posted by on January 21, 2020