Gazco features on ITV’s Love Your Home & Garden

Gazco features on ITV’s Love Your Home & Garden

Season 2 of ITV's Love Your Home & Garden started recently in a home in Mansfield, where Alan and his team set to make a home and garden more accessible for Benita and her son, Josh. The sitting room featured a Gazco Skope electric fire, bringing the room to life and making the perfect centrepiece.

If you’re a fan of Alan Titchmarsh, you may have tuned into the first episode of the second series of ITV’s Love Your Home & Garden. In Episode 1, the team take to Benita’s home. Benita’s 15-year-old son, Josh, is restricted to his wheelchair and is increasingly unable to get around the house, and can no longer access the garden.

Listening to Benita’s concerns, the team set to work to make the house and garden more accessible. Alan and his team fill the garden and home with plenty to catch your eye, and make the most of sensory features.

The electric Gazco Skope 85R fit the bill perfectly for a fire that evokes the senses. Set against a cucumber green wall that pays homage to the first greenhouses ever built, this Gazco fire is complemented by a bespoke frame, and above it sits the surprise artwork made especially for Benita by all of the pupils at Josh’s school.

The show-stopping Gazco Skope electric fire offers powerful mood lighting and eye-catching visuals. But the Skope doesn’t just deliver mesmerising effects and a fireside glow. Designed with the very latest LED technologies and offering a choice of stunning fuel beds, this innovative electric fire range lets you decide on the perfect ambience to suit your mood – with only your imagination to hold you back.

Colour psychology stems from the principle that through exposure to certain lighting you can reach greater levels of relaxation, focus, or even revitalise your mind and body. We hope that Josh and Benita will enjoy Gazco’s Chromalight® system, which brings the bright flames come to life with a host of fuel bed colours. The fuel bed can be uplit with one of a selection of 13 different colours, meaning they can either select a colour that will complement their new cucumber walls, or change to simply suit their mood and achieve ultimate relaxation.

We were thrilled to hear that Benita loved the fire, and hope that they’ll love their home and garden for many years to come.

If Episode 1 of ITV’s Love Your Home & Garden has inspired you, head to to hear more about the stockists, and use our Find a Retailer page to talk to one of our independent retailers who can help choose your new electric Gazco fire.

Watch the full episode here.

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