Gazco Huntingdon electric stove. Realistic electric fire. 5 Realistic Electric Log Burners

5 Realistic Electric Log Burners

Electric log burners offer the cosy hassle-free ambience of a real fire. They are a fantastic option for those seeking both convenience and comfort in their home heating solutions. This blog post explores five of the most realistic electric fires and stoves on the market from our award-winning brands, perfect for adding warmth and style to any room.

Idea 1: Gazco Vogue Midi electric stove for timeless appeal

The Vogue Midi electric stove is available in two variations: a model with a plinth and a taller version with a Midline log store for added realism. Each realistic log burner is built to look like the real deal, with quality design and craftsmanship that you’d expect from a real wood burner. The Vogue electric stove range comes with a selection of fuel beds, including realistic logs, pebbles, and crystal effects, allowing you to customise your display to your preference.

Gazco Vogue Midi electric, realistic electric log burner.

But of course, part of the draw to an electric fire is its convenience. Each of these stoves comes with Gazco’s Programmable Thermostatic Eco remote, which grants full control over the stove’s visuals.

Idea 2: Bring a touch of period charm with the Gazco Sheraton 5 electric stove

The Sheraton 5 electric stove from Gazco adds style and elegance to any space with its remarkably realistic flame visuals. It features classic cast iron bevelling and cornicing on the door, top plate, and base, giving it a traditional look that fits well in both modern and traditional settings.

Gazco Sheraton 5 electric stove. Realistic electric fire.

Equipped with a selection of fuel effects and our Chromalight® Immersive LED systems, the Sheraton 5 really does create a unique centrepiece in your room.

Idea 3: Art Deco meets country influence with the Gazco Marlborough2 electric stove

The Gazco Marlborough2 showcases realistic electric fire visuals in a stove format, combining Art Deco styling with rustic country influences. Available in two sizes, these stoves work well in various settings and only require a standard 13-amp plug socket to instantly enhance your home’s ambience. For those interested, the Marlborough2 range is also available as high-efficiency gas stoves.

Gazco Marlborough2 electric log burner.

Idea 4: Onyx Fusion electric: innovative media wall design meets realistic flame technology

The Onyx Fusion is a highlight in our top 5 realistic electric log burners, offering exceptional versatility and strikingly authentic visuals. This model can be configured as a single-sided, two-sided corner, or three-sided fire to suit any space and makes the perfect realistic media wall fire.

Onyx Fusion electric fire. Realistic electric fire.

It features Authentic Flame Technology for an immersive display of real flame imagery, with multiple options from a flickering fires with sparks to elegant, swaying flames that resemble a gas fire, or even vivid contemporary flame-effects. Enhanced with customisable lighting in a spectrum of colours and adjustable brightness, the Onyx Fusion allows you to tailor the ambience to your mood, all controlled via a convenient remote or smartphone app.

Idea 5: Gothic elegance with a modern twist with a Gazco Huntingon electric stove

The Gazco Huntingdon electric stove range expertly combines traditional design with contemporary functionality, perfect for enhancing period homes or adding a classic touch to modern interiors.

Gazco Huntingdon electric stove

Available in three sizes, each model can be selected with either a clear or tracery door. The tracery option offers a distinct Gothic charm, ideal for adding architectural interest and a historical vibe to any room.

Beyond aesthetics, these stoves feature mesmerising flame-effects and innovative energy-saving technologies, controllable via an Eco remote. This blend of old-world style and modern efficiency makes the Huntingdon range a sophisticated choice for creating cosy yet elegant living spaces.

Where to buy a realistic electric fire?

To view these products in person, we recommend visiting your local retailer. There, you can explore the different models in person and gain a better understanding of how they can enhance your space. Your local retailer can also provide expert advice on installation and maintenance, ensuring that your new purchase fits seamlessly into your home and operates at its best.

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