Command Remote Controls for Electric Stoves

Command Remote Controls for Electric Stoves

Our range of Electric Stoves are as easy to install as plugging in and switching on and offer a remote control as standard for easy operation.

The Gazco Programmable Thermostatic Eco Handset

All our electric stoves feature Gazco’s Eco remote control, which provides complete control over the stove’s Chromalight® flame colours and lighting effects, as well as heating and energy saving features. Ambient heating control allows you to set the optimum temperature for your room between 15°C and 25°C, with the stove automatically managing heating power to reach the chosen temperature as efficiently as possible. Daily and weekly heating lets you program your stove to suit your lifestyle and can be easily advanced or delayed without disrupting scheduling.

Energy saving features such as Open Window Detection save energy by turning off the heat if a sudden drop in room temperature of 4°C or more is detected, such as when a door or window is opened. Heating can be easily resumed by pressing the heat button again or closing the window.

Enjoyable with or without the heat

For those who wish to enjoy the ambience of their stove or fire purely for its Chromalight® systems, the handy remote makes it simple to turn off the heat output entirely. This is ideal for warmer evenings when you desire a bit of extra ambiance from your stove or fire.

Optional Mood Lighting

For Gazco’s built-in electric fires which are compatible with an optional Mood Lighting System, such as those in the Gazco eStudio and eReflex ranges, the Programmable Thermostatic Eco Remote Control offers full integration with this feature.
These flexible LED strips enhance the look of these models even further by providing additional ambience that’s particularly well suited for media wall installations. Providing an additional way to tailor the mood to your desired vibe, they can be placed around a TV or underneath shelves and offer 13 vibrant colours plus a spectrum mode for an ever-cycling hue.

For detailed information on the specific options available for your selected product, please refer to the product page or consult your user manual for more details.

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