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Gazco Vogue Midi electric stove

Gazco Vogue Midi Electric with Log & Pebble fuel effects

Gazco Vogue Midi Electric Stove with crystal ice-effect

Vogue Midi Electric Stoves

The Vogue Midi electric stove is offered in two models including a plinth and taller Midline log store version. A choice of fuel beds including realistic logs, pebbles & crystal-effects come with each electric stove letting you mix and match to create a bespoke display. Gazco’s Programmable Thermostatic Eco remote provides complete control over this stove’s visuals as well as allowing you to schedule heat output to suit your lifestyle.

The Vogue is also available in both wood burning and multi-fuel and gas stove models.

Vogue Electric Stoves

Key Facts

Heat Output0.75-1.5kW
Chromalight Immersive LED system
Three different flame options: Amber, Blue, Amber with Blue Accent
Flames and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without the heat
14 Different fuel bed lighting settings
Choice of fuel effects that can be mixed and matched
Thermostatic remote control for ambient heating
Open window detection
Midline and Plinth models

Vogue Electric Stoves

The Gazco Vogue electric range represents the latest innovation in electric stove design, creating deep, captivating, 3D flame effects with incredible realism. Gazco’s Chromalight® Immersive LED technology lets you independently control flame and ember bed lighting effects to create the perfect ambience in virtually any part of the home. And all at the touch of a button with the range’s advanced Eco remote control.

Full range of Vogue Electric Stoves...

Vogue Midi Electric Stoves Information

SizeWidth Height Depth
Vogue Midi Electric416mm639mm348mm
Vogue Midi Midline Electric416mm791mm348mm

This product is only suitable for well insulated spaces or occasional use.

Vogue Midi Electric Stoves Dimensions
Reviews and Customer Showcase
Anouska, Stockton 4, Victorian Home
Looks amazing!
Stovax Studio 1 Freestanding – “Unbelievable”
“Even the duck loves the stove”
Andrea and Howard Penn, Dovre Vintage 50, The Old Methodist Chapel
“Really pleased!”
“The stove immediately added a special touch to the space”
Gazco Logic HE – “Perfect style, minimal effort”
Ben Cannon, Gazco Riva2 750HL, Devon
“Looks great”
Gazco Studio2 Freestanding – “Fab focal point for our new room”
Gazco Loft Gas Fire – “An eye catching stove”
Lauren, Radiance electric fire, stunning new build property
“Suddenly we have a much cosier sitting room”
Gazco eReflex 105R, Brilliant focal point
Marthe Knudsen, Studio 2, Alesund, Norway
“Our stove at Christmas”
“Our Warm & Cosy Fireplace”
Greg, Dovre Vintage 50, Modern meets traditional
Jack & Rachel, Stockton wood burning stove, Victorian terrace
“Warming fires”
Sarah, Stockton electric stove, Classic 90’s build
“Warm glow”
Gazco Reflex 75T, Lockdown Comforts
“Warm and wonderful stove”
Gazco eReflex 195R Electric Fire – “Welcome to our new lounge!”
Gazco Sheraton 5 Gas – “New Beginnings”
“Warm and cosy poochies”
eReflex Inset 135R, Stunning fire at a great price