Onyx Fusion Electric Fire. Comprehensive guide to the best electric log burners with wow-factor

Comprehensive guide to the best electric log burners with wow-factor

In today's modern homes, electric fires and stoves have become a popular choice for homeowners seeking warmth, ambience, and energy efficiency. From electric media wall fires to the most realistic electric log burners, there’s an option to suit your exact heating and aesthetic preferences. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into everything you need to know about electric fires and stoves, including key features, benefits, installation tips, and maintenance guidelines.

Choosing the right electric fire

When selecting an electric fire, consider factors such as sizing, heating capacity, style, and budget. It’s essential to ensure the appliance meets your heating requirements, whether that’s needing app control as an essential plus point, or wanting a recessed electric fireplace.

What are the options?

From contemporary to traditional, freestanding to built into the wall, there’s an electric fireplace to suit every home requirement.

Electric media wall fires

One of the most stylish and functional options is the electric media wall fire. These sleek landscape fires are built into the wall, and combine the warmth of a fireplace with the convenience of a media centre, making them a perfect addition to your living room. These allow you to enjoy all the comfort of a fireside, while allowing you to enjoy your favourite TV shows.

inset widescreen electric fireplace

Freestanding electric log burners

For those looking for versatility on location for their appliance, freestanding electric fires are an excellent choice. These appliances can be moved from room to room if desired, providing instant heat and ambience wherever you need it. It is worth remembering that our fires are made from quality materials such as heavy gauge steel and cast iron, so ensure help is on hand when moving it to another room. Whether you prefer a traditional design or the modern log burner look, there’s a freestanding electric stove to match your style.

traditional looking electric log burner

Flat wall fix electric fireplace

Need something quick and easy to hang on the wall? Some electric fires offer a similar aesthetic as an inset fireplace, but with the convenience of being easily mounted to a wall. The Arosa and Cerreto fireplaces in the Gazco eStudio electric fire range are the ideal example. These electric fireplaces are part of a complete suite, needing very little in the way of fixings to mount to a wall with instant appeal.

wall mounted electric fireplace

Installation and maintenance

Depending on your choice of product and how you want it installed, electric log burners can range from self-installation projects to hiring a professional for a seamless fit. If the installation is quite complex, such as a media wall electric fireplace with plenty of in-built shelving or cable management, you may prefer a professional to undertake the work. Alternatively, if it is filling an existing inglenook with a freestanding model, this usually requires nothing more than simply plugging the appliance in, and enjoy the ambience straight away!
Regular maintenance should be carried out in accordance with your instruction manual.

Realism and flame effects

Today’s electric fires and stoves are renowned for their flame effects that are both realistic and artistic in their own right. Whichever product you are most interested in, with Gazco you can expect stunning visuals and a variety of flame effect settings and colours that allow you to tailor your fire to your mood and décor.

Most realistic electric log burner

While all of our products are designed to mimic reality, one of the most realistic electric log burners is the Onyx Fusion 150RW electric. Fusing electric technology with age-old fireside ambience, the Fusion sees the perfect blend of flame footage meets tactile logs and ember bed. From floating embers and smoke effects to the gentle sway of a long dancing flame reminiscent of a real fire, the Fusion comes ready to enjoy with a multitude of pre-sets, and space to save many more of your own. Find out more about this fire’s features on the Onyx website.

Onyx Fusion Electric Fire in modern living room

Energy efficiency and Ecodesign energy-saving features

Electric fires and stoves are highly energy-efficient, and all need to comply with Ecodesign regulations and ensure sure they’re designed with energy saving features. From open window detection that allows a product to switch off needless heat output if there has been a sudden drop caused by an open window or door, to timer scheduling, these products are designed to complement the user’s lifestyle.

Electric log burners are also ideal for localised heat – otherwise known as zonal heating. This means switching off the central heating, and only warming the room you are occupying. This approach not only allows you to stay warm and comfortable but also reduces energy waste, as are not heating the entire house when only one room is in use. It’s a smart way to stay warm while being mindful of energy consumption and utility costs.

How much does it cost to run an electric fire? Is it expensive to run an electric log burner?

An electric fire costs less than you think to run. For example, the Gazco Vogue Midi Electric costs just 74p per evening to heat – or just 19p for an hour on low heat!* You can find out more about energy costs of our log burners at our handy gazco.com/howlittle advice page.

Modern electric log burner cheap to run

Remote control and app compatibility

Convenience factor is a must! Gazco electric fires and stoves can be operated via a user-friendly remote control. This means you can adjust the temperature, flame effects, and even set timers without leaving your seat. For tech enthusiasts, some Gazco fires are also compatible with an innovative app for Android or iOS devices, allowing you to control your fireplace from your smartphone or tablet.

Where to buy your electric log burner

When it comes to finding the perfect electric stove or fire to elevate your home’s interior design, it’s best to seek guidance from your local expert retailer. These knowledgeable professionals can offer personalised advice, help you choose the ideal appliance for your space, and even provide hands-on demonstrations. Plus, they often have access to the latest models and can assist with installation and maintenance.

*Based on running the fire for 4 hours, with heat on for 50% duty cycle due to thermostatic control, and flame effects for the full duration. Based on the average UK cost per unit of electric (including VAT) from 1st April 2024, for customers on the default tariff. Figures generated are for typical domestic consumption paying by direct debit and will vary based on actual household usage (24.5p per kWh, OFGEM, Energy Price Cap, https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/energy-price-cap). Does not include any costs relating to product maintenance and servicing. Prices rounded to nearest whole pence.

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