A cosy lamplit room with a log burner, book case and armchairs Happy National Cozy Mystery Day! Here are our top tips on how to dive into Agatha Christie’s world from the comfort of your home

Happy National Cozy Mystery Day! Here are our top tips on how to dive into Agatha Christie’s world from the comfort of your home

Today also marks Agatha Christie's birthday, and whether you plan to curl up in front of the log burner with a good book or are in need of inspiration on interior designs fit for a bibliophile, here are some top tips on how to immerse yourself in this timeless genre from the comfort of your home.

Cozy mysteries, with their quaint settings, intriguing puzzles, and lack of graphic violence, have been a popular genre for decades. To celebrate National Cozy Mystery Day, and the birthday of the Queen of Mystery herself, Agatha Christie, it’s time to curl up at home, surrounded by the ambience that encapsulates these fictional worlds. With the fusion of current interior design trends tailored for bibliophiles, you can truly immerse yourself in the world of cozy mystery!

Bookshelves by the Fireplace

Start with a timeless piece: bookshelves beside a roaring wood burning fire. This setup not only offers warmth during chilly evenings but also serves as a reminiscent spot of many of Christie’s iconic settings. The orange hues from the firelight dancing over the book spines can make any evening magical. Built-in book shelves such as these pictured by the Stovax Futura 4 wood burning stove can add a lovely modern twist on a classic.

A cosy lamplit room with armchairs, built-in bookshelves and a log burner

Media Wall for Film Enthusiasts

If you’re a fan of movie adaptations, then a dedicated media wall is a must-have. Install a large screen surrounded by shelves filled with Christie’s books and DVD adaptations. An electric fire below the screen can give a cinema-like feeling, keeping you cosy while you watch “Murder on the Orient Express”, “Death on the Nile” and “A Haunting In Venice” when the upcoming film is available to watch on home screens.

If you opt for an electric fire such as the Gazco eReflex 195RW, you can even change the colour of the immersive lighting options and choose the optional mood-lighting kit for a truly tailored experience!

A modern room with a media wall, everything is lit by mood lighting and a modern fireplace

Cosy Reading Nooks

Every bibliophile dreams of a cosy nook. For extra comfort, add plush cushions and blankets for an array of textures. But what can elevate this corner? A log burner, of course! As you dive into Agatha Christie’s world, the warmth and the soft crackling sounds of the stove will amplify the mystery vibes. A multi-fuel stove such as the Vogue Midi will complement traditional and contemporary interiors alike!

A woman is curled up reading a book on a window seat, while a log burner glows

Wall Art and Decals

Wall art is a simple and effective way to incorporate your interests into your home. If you are looking for a cozy mystery vibe, you could adorn your walls with quotes from Christie’s novels or silhouettes of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. Placing wall decals above a wood burner can make them pop and give depth to the ambience of the room, demonstrated here with the Stovax Sheraton 5 wood burning stove. Being lit from underneath by flickering firelight may add an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to the room.

A lit log burner with some framed art prints and leather armchairs

Embracing the world of cozy mysteries, especially the legacy of Agatha Christie, is an experience like no other. By blending interior design trends focused on bibliophiles with the comforting presence of fires and stoves, you can create a haven at home that’s perfect for indulging in this timeless genre.

Happy National Cozy Mystery Day, and may your home always be warm with intrigue!

Where to buy a log burner

To help make your home perfect for immersing yourself in the world of cozy mystery, head to your local Stovax & Gazco retailer for one of our top performing wood burning stoves, gas fires or electric stoves. Our trusted retailers specialise in a wide range of heating solutions that can create the ideal ambience for enjoying this timeless genre – from the classic wood burning stove with exemplary Ecodesign-exceeding standards, to stunning electric fires for a media wall centrepiece.

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