Halloween spooky home with classy decor and log burner. Halloween home décor ideas for 2023

Halloween home décor ideas for 2023

It’s entirely possible to blend the spooky spirit of Halloween with classy décor. And what better focal point than a warm, inviting wood burner? Here's how to design a chic Halloween setting with your wood stove stealing the show.

Accessorise with pumpkins

The natural flame from a log burner brings its own mysterious allure, perfect for the Halloween season. One simple but effective way to bring Halloween into your living space is to select various sizes of pumpkins to adorn the hearth. Don’t feel limited to a classic pumpkin when it comes to size or colour, as a variation offers not only a ghostly theme but also lends itself to a general pop of autumn décor. (If you are looking for ideas on how to decorate your home for autumn, read our useful article)

Classy Halloween fireplace with Futura log burner

Seasonal garlands and skeletal foliage

This time of year is great for seasonal garlands, helping to bring the feel of autumn indoors. Of course, with most of our foliage dropping their leaves, the natural skeletal finish of twigs and flowers gone to seed looks whimsical and autumnal by day, and spooky by night! Pair garlands and floral arrangements with the natural textures of piled firewood for layering up the ambience.

Halloween classy decor. Stovax wood burner in autumn room.

All-out Halloween

Embrace the full effects of ghosts and ghouls with decorations you can hang up and take back down once the day has been and gone. Think about replacing prints in frames with themed artwork, and don’t forget the Jack-o’-lantern for the hearth! Kitchen chalkboards are always fun – if you have children, this is often a great place to get arty with drawing spiderwebs, bats, and anything spooky they can come up with on a surface that can be simply wiped down for tomorrow’s shopping list!

Halloween decor with log burner.

Dim the lights

Dimming the lights plays a pivotal role in crafting the perfect Halloween ambience. With the lights lower, shadows begin to dance and corners grow darker, evoking an eerie atmosphere that’s quintessential for All Hallows’ Eve. The soft, muted glow of a wood stove accentuates the flickering flames of jack-o’-lanterns. If you own an electric fireplace, you may even be able to change the colour of the flames to an eerie colour palette – or turn the brightness down for the ultimate chill-factor!

Halloween home decor with log burner

Premium Gas Fire Alternatives to wood burners

Of course, if a real log burner isn’t for you, there are some great alternatives in the form of a high-efficiency gas fire such as the Onyx Avanti Gas Fire. Offered in two unique sizes, these gas fires meld stylish exteriors with impressively authentic flame and log visuals, serving as a luxurious landscape feature for any hole-in-the-wall setting. Opting for a dark foreboding colour scheme really helps to juxtapose the bright hues of the pumpkins, as well as further accentuate the stunning flame visuals of the Onyx Avanti Gas Fire.

Creating a classy Halloween-themed home is all about balancing the spooky elements with sophisticated touches. With your wood burner as the star, you’re not only embracing the warmth of the season but also crafting an ambience that is inviting and memorable. Whether you’re hosting a soirée or just enjoying the atmosphere with family, these design ideas will ensure your home stands out this Halloween. Find one of our high-quality log burners at your local expert retailer.

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Posted by on August 24, 2023

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