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Gazco Reflex 105 Edge with EchoFlame Black Glass lining

Gazco Reflex 105 Edge gas fire with Echoflame Black Glass lining

Gazco Reflex 105 Edge gas fire with Echoflame Black Glass lining

Gazco Reflex 105 Edge gas fire with Ledgestone effect lining

Reflex 105 Edge Gas Fires

Surrounded only by your interior décor, the Reflex 105 Edge gas fire provides the ultimate in contemporary fireside ambiance, with nothing but the expansive flame picture on show.

All Reflex fires come with a Programmable Thermostatic Control, the Gazco Harmony10. Gazco’s Harmony10 control system gives you complete control over the Reflex 105’s features. Ignite and adjust the front and rear flames, along with the brightness of the ambient EmberLight LED fuel bed. Program the fire either thermostatically or with daily scheduling to suit your lifestyle.

For more information, please visit our Reflex gas fire information page.

Reflex Gas Fires Video

Key Facts

Fuel BedLogs
LiningsBrick effect, Ledgestone Effect* & EchoFlame Black Glass
Conventional Flue
Balanced Flue
Non-reflective glass front
Natural Gas or LPG
LED Lighting Effects
Harmony10 Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control
No Air Vent Required (Balanced Flue only)
Optional smart phone or tablet control

*Ledgstone Effect Lining not suitable for use with Balanced Flue LPG models.

Reflex 105 Gas Fires

Dancing flames. A glowing ember bed. Logs that look as real as, well… the real thing. These are all the elements that make the landscape Reflex 105 so realistic, you may find it hard to believe it’s a gas fire. And with its wealth of styling options, the 105 gives you the freedom to tailor your fire to your home. So whatever your tastes — you will experience the extraordinary

For more information, please visit our Reflex gas fire information page.

Full range of Reflex 105 Gas Fires...

Reflex 105 Edge Information

Fire Heat OutputABCDEFGHIJKLHigh Efficiency Energy Efficiency
Reflex 105 CFUp to 9.5kW736mm1216mm1050mm551.5mm343mm326mm216mm17mm715mm765mm109mm1140mm76%D
Reflex 105 BFUp to 10.2kW736mm1216mm1050mm551.5mm361mm344mm211mm17mm709mm793mm109mm1140mm92%A

Reflex 105 Edge Dimensions
Reviews and Customer Showcase
A complete and fitting additional to the room
Gazco Logic HE Gas Fire – “So Good, We Bought It Again!”
Lighting the #yulelog with last year’s (a bit late!) and drinking #mulledwine 🍷All the decorations are down and back in the loft!
“Suddenly we have a much cosier sitting room”
“Looks great”
Stovax Stockton 5 wood stove – “Gorgeous stove and really warm”
Hannah, 1930s project, Stovax View 5T
Perfect sunday eve watching blue planet 👌🏼 • • • • • • • • #home #ourhome #blueplanetII #davidattenborough #interior #interiordesign #fire #homedesign #cosysundays #cosycarvings
“Gas, glorious gas!”
“Lovely comforting stove”
Stovax County 3 wood stove – “Perfect for our needs”
“Fantastic fire”
“Heart of the home”
Letchworth, England Before, during and after. One of our jobs from today. @StovaxGazco #logburner #letchworth #gardencity #interior
Gem, Elise 540, Studio 3 gas, Cottage renovation
Carol and Majid, Nordpeis Quadro, Pannal Water Tower
“Brings warmth and cheer whenever lit”
Stovax Stockton 5 Wood burner stove – “Never had so much fun”
“The centrepiece of our new home”
“Heat and looks combined.”
Amanda, Studio wood burning stove, Farmhouse Renovation
Gazco eStudio 135R Electric fire – “Warm and looks amazing”
“We have always had a desire for owning a period property with the key feature for us being a wood burning stove”
“Even the duck loves the stove”
Gazco Riva2 500 Edge Gas fire – “Cosy fire”
Gazco Riva2 500 Gas fire – “A Lovely New Fire!”
“Even the Dog is Fooled!”
“Beautiful and minimalist”
Amy, Sleek Boutique Style, Gazco eReflex 85R
Anna Jennings, Elegant Style, Stovax Vogue Medium

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