Make a Modern Statement with a Wall Mounted Fire

Make a Modern Statement with a Wall Mounted Fire

Find yourself a designer wall mounted stove that's sure to cause a stir!

Many homeowners look to woodburning stoves to provide radiant, relaxing warmth and a statement centrepiece that brings out the character of their property. But not everyone has a traditional inglenook, and many homes just don’t gel with a Cottagecore or English Country aesthetic. Not to worry, though! Stovax & Gazco offer the UK’s most comprehensive range of gas, electric and log burning stoves and fires – including a wealth of contemporary options that suit the modern home to a tee!

Included amongst our contemporary statement options are a charming selection of wall mounted stoves. Here, we’ll be showcasing our top five as inspiration for your twenty-first-century interior look!


Stovax Vogue Midi T Wall Mounted Log Burner

If you’re on the hunt for an elegant and contemporary log burner with a gorgeously tall viewing window, look no further than the Vogue Midi T. With a multi-fuel model and optional wall-mounting bracket available, this stylish stove is as adaptable as it is impressive. Its chic bevelled edges and expansive flame picture combine to make a stunning fixture on a masonry wall that will heat your home with high efficiency.

Vogue Midi T Wall-mounted Log Burner

Not looking to burn real logs? The Wall Mounted Vogue Midi T has both a gas and an electric alternative, so you can take advantage of its contemporary features in whatever form best suits your needs!


Nordpeis ME Wall Mounted Stove

Representing the cream of the crop among wall mounted stoves, the Nordpeis ME has unparalleled impact on many a contemporary interior. With it’s minimalist, scandi aesthetic and unique circular shaping, this designer stove demonstrates cutting-edge Norwegian engineering. Choose from models of the ME with or without side-viewing windows, and opt for alternative fitting options as desired – the ME’s versatile design allows for steel and glass pedestal mounting, and even a jaw-dropping ceiling-hung installation! Are there any doubts as to why this beautiful log burner took the Build It Award for Best Stove in 2019?

Nordpeis ME Wall-mounted Log Burner


Gazco Vogue Midi T Wall Mounted Electric Stove

An exquisite and convenient alternative to its woodburning cousin, the Wall Mounted Vogue Midi T Electric Stove offers the same contemporary glamour with its own distinct set of benefits. The first of these is a fantastically simple and cost-effective installation – unlike its live-flame counterparts, the electric Midi T won’t require a flue or chimney, and it won’t need hooking up to a gas supply. As a result, all you need to get it working is to connect it to an electrical supply and mount it to the wall!

The eye-catching stove also has a lot going for it aesthetically too, with its side viewing windows offering a 180 degree view of its stunning, colour-customisable Chromalight LED flame-effects!

Vogue Midi T Wall-mounted Electric Stove

Offering a steady heat output of up to 1.5kW, and brilliant energy-saving features granted by its thermostatic Eco remote control, the electric Vogue Midi T makes a great zonal heating solution for small to medium-sized spaces.


Gazco Loft Wall Mounted Gas Stove

Want a sleek wall mounted stove with all the convenience of gas? Look no further than the Loft. With our signature reflective Echoflame Black Glass Lining and additional non-reflective side viewing windows, this gorgeous stove offers hypnotic flame visuals in 180 degrees! Combine those with its elegant, gloss exterior and you have a centrepiece that will truly transform your living space!

Gazco Loft Wall-mounted Gas Stove

And Loft gas stoves are by no means strangers to the fantastic economy of burning natural gas and LPG, themselves boasting a brilliant 94.3% efficiency rating! Want a Loft, but aren’t sure if a wall-mounted version will work for your home? Why not opt for one with a stylish steel or luxury stone pedestal base?


Onyx Avanti 110RW Milazzo Suite Wall Mounted Electric Fire

Looking to break away from a standard firebox style? Why not try a wall mounted fire suite? The Avanti 110RW Milazzo Suite from Onyx makes for a stunning feature, with all the installation convenience of being both wall mounted and electric! With it’s true-to-life oak and birch log effects, three-sided viewing window, and mesmerising Chromalight LED lighting effects, the Avanti is the cutting edge in electric fire technology. What’s more, its eight flame, ember and downlighting colour options, along with a further twelve log-lighting hues, mean you can customise the ambience to suit every occasion.

Onyx Avanti 110RW Electric Milazzo Suite Wall Mounted Fire

The spectacular and relaxing visuals of the Avanti 110RW can be enjoyed with or without the heat, and this can all be controlled completely remotely through a dedicated smartphone app!


Speak to your local retailer

For more information about what kind of stove or fire would fit best into your property, we always recommend that you speak to your local retailer. They will be able to assist you with anything from choosing your wood burning, gas or electric stove, to a site survey and installation.

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