Vogue Midi T Electric (Wall Hung)

Vogue Midi T Electric (Wall Hung)

Vogue Midi T Electric Wall Mounted Stove

The three-sided Gazco Vogue Midi T electric wall-hung stove creates a strikingly modern installation in any home. The Vogue Midi T electric’s variety of interchangeable fuel effects, including highly realistic logs, clear and grey media as well as crystal-effects, lets you create your own bespoke display.

For other installation options, see the the Vogue Midi T electric floor-standing stoves.

Vogue Midi T Electric Wall Mounted Stove

Key Facts

Heat Output Up to 1.5kW ambient heating
Three-sided view for panoramic flame visuals
Chromalight® Immersive LED systems
14 Different fuel bed lighting settings
Three different flame options: Amber, Blue, Amber with Blue Accent
Four stove options including log store base and wall mounted models.
Flames and fuel effect lighting can be enjoyed without the heat
Thermostatic Eco remote control for ambient heating
Open window detection efficiency feature
Innovative energy savings features make the Vogue Midi T compliant with Ecodesign energy product standards

Vogue Electric Stoves

The Gazco Vogue electric range represents the latest innovation in electric stove design, creating deep, captivating, 3D flame effects with incredible realism. Gazco’s Chromalight® Immersive LED technology lets you independently control flame and ember bed lighting effects to create the perfect ambience in virtually any part of the home. And all at the touch of a button with the range’s advanced Eco remote control.

Full range of Vogue Electric Stoves...

Vogue Midi T Electric Wall Mounted Stove Information

Vogue Midi T Wall Mounted418mm348 (360*)mm776mm474mm306mm221mm302mm

**When used with Programmable Thermostatic Upgradeable remote control

Vogue Midi T Electric Wall Mounted Stove Dimensions
Reviews and Customer Showcase
Gazco Logic HE Gas fire – “Stylish, warm and brilliant room feature”
Gazco eReflex 195R Electric fire – “Dream come true”
Gazco Logic HE gas fire – “Amazing depth and warmth”
Greg and Georgie, Grand Designs, Stovax Studio 3
Benjamin Allen Bespoke Homes selects a Stovax Huntingdon woodburner to complete the Moat House
“Perfect solution to suit our existing fireplace and sitting room”
Gazco Riva2 500 – “Contemporary and warming”
Gazco Logic HE Gas Fire – “Absolutely Delighted”
Gazco eReflex 195R Electric Fire – “Welcome to our new lounge!”
“Warm & Cosy”
Gazco Logic HE Gas fire – “Warm and cosy”
That Industrial look
My #festivefireside
“Great Centre Piece “
Gazco eReflex 85r inset electric fire – “Looks stunning”
Stovax Studio 2 Gas fire – “Sleek & modern”
Another installation at a @BooHomes development – a @StovaxGazco Studio 500 on a 100 high bench #CSinstallations
“Great value for super heat”
“It’s a dog’s life”
“Amazing, beats all our expectations”
Sandy, Studio 1, Living room renovation
♥ Reclaimed wood mantel piece & log burner ♥
Stovax Riva2 40 Woodburning fire – “Outstanding Product and Installation”
Gazco Riva2 750HL Gas fire – “Looks beautiful and keeps our high ceiling living room nicely warm”
“Bertie’s favourite spot!”
Gazco eReflex 75RW Electric Fire – “Looks great”
“Happy Days for Bart”
Gazco eReflex 105R Electric fire – “Our cat loves it as much as we do!”
Stovax Riva2 50 woodburning fire – “My dream”

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