An Essential Guide to Choosing a Stove or Fire

An Essential Guide to Choosing a Stove or Fire

Adding a stove or fire to your living space brings heat, ambience, and most importantly a heart to your home. And although the concept is as simple and as natural as the very essence of human civilisation, a quick Google can leave many people overwhelmed by the amount of options and information out there.

Stoves and fires are available in solid fuel, gas and electric versions with each having different characteristics. We’ve put together this short guide to help you find the right stove or fire for your home as quickly as possible. Read on to find out about each fuel type and see which suits your home and lifestyle.

Wood burning and multi-fuel fires and stoves

For many, a wood burning stove or fire is the quintessential, authentic log burner experience. Providing a significant heat source, traditional and contemporary wood burning stoves and fires from leading manufacturers like ourselves are a far cry from the smoky stoves and open fires of old. Instead these cutting-edge wood burning and multi-fuel products are designed to offer high efficiency heating and a clear view of the flames thanks to powerful Airwash jets. Our Ecodesign wood burning and multi-fuel stove and fire range is the largest in the UK and Ireland with all models featuring advanced air control systems to minimise emissions and meet government air quality targets.

Gas stoves and fires

Gas stoves and fires are viewed as the ultimate balance of authenticity and convenience, offering flames akin to those of a wood burning product with all the ease of remote control ignition. Designed with the very latest technologies, our range of traditional and contemporary gas stoves and gas built-in and freestanding fires feature extremely realistic fuel beds with carefully positioned burners creating a natural dancing flame effect.

Gazco high efficiency gas heating products have been designed to meet a range of requirements, making them suitable for almost any home. Our conventional flue gas fires and stoves allow you to use an existing chimney for installation, whereas our balanced flue models can be installed in homes without a chimney, flueing to the outside of your property in a similar way as a gas boiler or cooker. And it may surprise you that even homes without a gas connection can enjoy a Gazco gas stove or gas fireplace thanks to the range of LPG models available.

Electric fires stoves

If you’re looking for ultimate convenience coupled with instant ambience, our remote control electric fires and traditional and contemporary  stoves can provide a stunning focal point for your home. One of the main benefits of electric fires and stoves is that because they are not burning fuel, they do not require any venting system, which means there are no additional installation costs.

Thanks to their advanced Chromalight Immersive LED Systems, many Gazco electric fires and stoves can create a variety of aesthetics, from realistic amber flames to more contemporary lighting options. A huge range of Gazco electric products also feature interchangeable fuel beds giving you further scope for customisation.

Guidance tailored to you

To make sure you get the right stove of fire for your home, all our products are sold via our nationwide Expert Retailer Network. These independent retailers have years of experience and can advise on your specific requirements, taking into account your home, room size, tastes, and budget. Experts on Stovax wood burning and multi-fuel stoves and fires, as well as Gazco gas and electric products, they will be able to show you our extensive ranges in their showroom.

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  1. Emma Ellis says:

    Can you confirm nearest stockist to SG8, Herts?

    • Alex says:

      Hi Emma, for solid fuel your nearest stockist is Royston Stoves, Unit 17 Orchard Road, Royston, SG8 5HD. You can double-check this on our Find a Retailer page if you wish to select another fuel type. Best wishes

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