Reflex 75T and Riva2 750HL Best Designer Gas Fire

Best Designer Gas Fire

Are you looking for a contemporary gas fire, and can’t choose between the Gazco Riva2 750HL and the Gazco Reflex 75T? In this article, we’ll compare these two favourites to help you in your decision making when choosing a gas log burner.

Reflex 75T vs Riva2 750HL

It can be difficult to reach a decision on which gas fire to buy. Questions such as ‘which gas fire is most efficient?’ may spring to mind, as you will be looking for the best gas log burner to suit both your style and your budget.

Ultimately, when checking out the Gazco Reflex 75T versus Riva2 750HL, both models have a similar performance, size, and impressive design. But, we have narrowed down the finer details of both of these gas log burners to help you make your choice.

In this article, you’ll learn more about…

App controlled gas fire

A key difference between the Reflex 75T and the Riva2 750HL is that one of these gas fires features app connectivity as well as the ability to control the fire via a remote handset.

Gazco’s Reflex 75T can be selected with Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to link up your fire to an easy-to-use app. The Myfire app lets you control your fire from your phone or tablet, offering even more features than the remote handset.

By using the app, you are able to fine tune the fire’s EcoFlex gas saving mode, choosing between low, medium, and high settings – making gas savings of up to 45%! If that wasn’t enough, the app even allows you to choose the rhythm of the flames, cycling between 15, 20 or 25 minute durations.

Riva2 750HL Gas Fire vs Reflex 75T Gas Fire
Riva2 750HL (left). Reflex 75T (right).

The app also lets you save a profile. You can set up to four different profiles in the Myfire app, allowing you to easily change between settings saved for different seasons – or even different moods. If you’re lucky enough to have multiple Reflex 75T gas fires in your property, you can also set these profiles up to control each fire from a single mobile device.

Installing a gas fire in a mantel

If you live in a period property, you may be researching installing a gas fire within a mantel to complement the history of your house.

Both the Riva2 750HL and the Reflex 75T gas fires come as a frameless ‘Edge’ version, which opens opportunities for an open fire aesthetic. As these fires feature a non-reflective glass front, they both offer an uninterrupted view of their highly realistic log effects.

Reflex 75T Gas Fire within Mantel
Reflex 75T Gas Fire, Installed in Mantel

To truly complete the look of an authentic open fire and ensure a grand finish, both of these large gas log burners can be installed with an effective brick effect or Ledgestone-effect lining at the back of the fire for added realism. Alternatively, if modernising a period property, a variety of contemporary lining options are available to be fitted with each fire. These including Black Glass, Black Reeded and Fluted Vermiculite.

Gas log burners with realistic effects

At Gazco, we are proud to offer the best gas log burners with the most realistic log-effects and flames on the market. The Reflex 75T and Riva2 750HL also follow suit, both featuring an authentic-looking fuel bed and dancing flames.

The Reflex 75T gas fire’s flame visuals have been crafted meticulously to mimic a real wood burning fire as closely as possible. Going a step further than the Riva2 750HL, this gas fire features another level of realness, with incredibly convincing logs and carefully positioned dual burners to give the impression of the random patterns of a real wood burning fire. The flames can be set to front only, or front and rear – and both settings are infinitely variable. This gives you huge scope for a lazy flame or a more dramatic blaze – all easily controlled via remote or your Myfire app.

Realistic Gas Fire - Gazco Reflex 75T
Reflex 75T – Realistic Gas Fire Flame Effect

The Reflex also offers an EmberLight LED Bed – an adjustable system of LED lighting and glass ember-effects that create an immersive display to imitate a glowing ember bed beneath the fire. This can be used independently of the heat, allowing you to enjoy a glow with, or without, the flames all year round.

Gazco’s Riva2 750HL offers a beautiful log-effect fuel bed, that is designed with lifelike features. The logs are a little different from the Reflex’s, but offer an impressively realistic effect that is sure to wow visitors to your home.

Chimneyless gas fires

The Reflex 75T and the Riva2 750HL were both designed to fit a standard 36” chimney breast. This means you may be able to fit either of these gas fires into your existing fireplace. But you may be wondering what to do if you do not have a chimney in your home. The great news is that both of these models can be installed without a chimney!

Available as balanced flue versions, both products can be installed in homes without chimneys. This makes them an attractive choice for minimising the building work required to fit a flue system. We’ve covered all you need to know about chimneyless installations in our useful article – check out: What to do if you don’t have a chimney.

Framing options

Both fires come as a frameless Edge model, but if you are not looking for the hole-in-the-wall fire look, a frame may tempt you.

If it’s a choice between framing options, you’ll be happy to hear both fires offer a host of modern frame choices. From the eye-catching Verve XS to the glossy grandeur of the Icon XS, there is a frame for each fire for the contemporary homeowner.

Riva2 750HL Gas Fire with Icon XS Frame

Other sizes available

These products are also available in a number of alternative sizes. If you like the look of the Reflex 75T, why not consider the Reflex 105? The 105 also comes as a larger multi-sided landscape gas fire, making a big statement.

Meanwhile, the Riva2 gas fire range comes in various smaller sizes, including a Slimline version for fitting into a cavity wall. If you’re interested in learning more about cavity wall gas fires, we’ve put together some advice for understanding what they are and how they benefit you: Saving Space With a Cavity Wall Gas Fire.

Our conclusion…

With its Wi-Fi connectivity and advanced dual burners, the Gazco Reflex 75T Gas Fire offers more to the user in terms of controllability, realism and ease of operation. Naturally, the extra functionality does tend to come with a slightly higher price point, which you can find from your local retailer. If app connectivity is not a deal breaker, then the Riva2 750HL offers you an impressive centrepiece that gives just as much wow factor in a living space.

Where to buy a designer gas fire

Now that you have all you need to know about these designer gas log burners, you’ll want to know where to buy one. We always recommend you find your local expert retailer, who will talk you through your bespoke installation requirements.

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