Saving space with a cavity wall gas fire

Saving space with a cavity wall gas fire

If you are looking for convenience from gas, and also want to save space, a cavity wall gas fire makes installation simple and minimises the footprint of the fire – as well as the building work.

What is a cavity wall gas fire?

A cavity wall gas fire features all the benefits of a full-depth gas fire, but with the added ability to be installed in the internal leaf of a cavity wall due to its shallower firebox.

This allows the fire to neatly integrate with your room, yet does not take up additional floor space.

The Gazco Studio Slimline, for example, can be entirely housed by the cavity wall, only requiring non-combustible fireboard to be fitted about the fire itself. It also comes complete with a dedicated rear exit balanced flue termination kit, which uses a twin-wall pipe to vent directly through the outside wall, meaning it does not require a chimney. Read more about balanced flue gas fires here.

What is a partial cavity wall gas fire?

The award-winning Gazco Riva2 500 HL Slimline is an example of a partial cavity wall fire.

This fire has a slim firebox and can be recessed almost entirely within the internal leaf of the wall leaving only a small protrusion of 75mm in the room. A shallow studwork surround can be built to accommodate this additional depth, or choose a frame such as the Esprit to house the extra 75mm completely, meaning no studwork wall is required at all. This is an ideal solution for those where the concern is not only saving space, but also minimal installation work.

Likewise, the Gazco Studio Slimline can be installed against a flat wall, and housed entirely using the innovative design of the Gazco Monaco surround, minimising building work.

For further simpler installation, Gazco offers a Zero Clearance kit, which allows for the Studio Slimline to be fitted into an opening or enclosure constructed from combustible materials.

The kit allows installation into conventionally constructed walls without the need to remove plasterboard from adjacent surfaces.

Gazco Studio 1 Slimline partial cavity wall gas fire, with Monaco Surround

Fitting your fire

Having chosen your cavity wall gas fire, you will next need an engineer to fit it. All gas fire installations must be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer. Gas Safe Register is the official list of gas businesses who are registered to work safely and legally on boilers, cookers, fires and all other gas appliances. Your expert retailer will be able to help to arrange a qualified engineer.

Controlling your fire from your sofa

Available with a variety of fuel-effects, lining choices and frame designs, a Gazco cavity wall gas fire suits many interior styles and many can even be controlled with a Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control. This allows you to programme the fire to turn on at specified times and temperatures and control the fire from the comfort of the sofa.

Buy from a trusted local retailer

We always advise that you purchase your Gazco gas stove or gas fire from one of our local independent retailers. They will ensure you get the right installation for your property, and can offer a wealth of advice. Find your nearest retailer here.

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