Four Stylish Electric Stoves that will bring Instant Ambience to Your Home

Four Stylish Electric Stoves that will bring Instant Ambience to Your Home

An electric stove can provide instant ambience and atmospheric visuals at the touch of a button. Coupled with their remarkable installation versatility, which allows them to be placed anywhere there is a three pin plug socket, electric stoves are a great choice for adding a stylish centrepiece to your home.

Superbly realistic visuals

Our top four electric stoves featured here employ our Chromalight Immersive LED Systems. Representing the latest in electric flame technology, each stove effortlessly creates realistic rolling amber flame effects, with LED up-lighting enhancing the visuals. All Gazco Chromalight stoves come with a choice of fuel effects, including detailed logs and a bed of clear and grey media, which combines with the up-lighting system to create the look of glowing embers.

But that’s not all. The powerful lighting systems in these electric stoves also give you a spectrum of vivid colours to choose from, including a striking blue flame setting for an ‘objet d’art’ aesthetic. Crushed-ice fuel effects enhance and refract the visuals, and are perfect for making a big impact that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Set and forget

These latest electric stoves are controlled with our Thermostatic Eco handset, which lets you adjust all flame, lighting and heating modes from the comfort of the sofa. Set the thermostatically controlled ambient heat output and relax, letting your stove reach and regulate the temperature as required.

Vogue Midi Electric

This stylishly contemporary electric stove features smooth surfaces and clean lines, with a tastefully bevelled door to frame the large window. Available as either a plinth or Midline base mounted stove, the Vogue Midi Electric stove is a great choice for adding some sophistication to an inglenook fireplace or can also be placed freestanding in a hall. The Midline base can even be used to house chopped logs to complete the log burner look.

Sheraton 5 Electric

For classic style with a modern twist, the Sheraton 5 Electric stove presents a designer take on the traditional stove concept. Subtle cast-iron detailing and curved legs nod towards period charm without being fussy, ensuring this graceful electric stove works equally well in modern or traditional interiors.

Vogue Midi T Electric

The Vogue Midi T Electric stove range takes the stylish looks of the smaller Vogue Midi and raises them to new heights. A tall firebox provides stunning visuals, with side windows ensuring you can enjoy them from any angle. Plinth and Midline base options are joined by a stunning Highline version, featuring a tall log store base with a closed front for a modern, minimalist appearance. For a completely different look that is bound to catch the eye, the Vogue Midi T Electric can also be wall-mounted for a floating, Scandi-style installation.

Stockton 5 Electric

The Stockton 5 Electric stove offers traditional looks with rustic charm. Timelessly styled, this electric wood burner features an arched door with elegant detailing, which completes the stove’s refined but understated look. At home in a cottage inglenook, townhouse fireplace or freestanding in more contemporary settings, the Stockton 5 Electric has the versatility to suit all sorts of interiors.

Where to buy a Gazco Electric Stove

The best place to buy a Gazco electric stove is from your local Gazco retailer. They will be able to show you a range of electric stoves running, demonstrate their easy operation and answer any questions you may have.



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