The Stockton 5 – a classic stove available in solid fuel, gas and electric!

The Stockton 5 – a classic stove available in solid fuel, gas and electric!

Combining elegant detailing with a simple and stylish design, the Stockton 5 is a versatile stove that can suit anything from a country cottage to a luxurious town house. An elegantly arched door window beautifully frames the flame picture, itself framed with subtle beveling and architrave detailing moulded from high quality cast iron. Yet this stove’s styling is also modest enough to tastefully juxtapose contemporary interiors. The Stockton 5’s attractive design is offered in wood burning, gas and electric versions. Read on to see which Stockton 5 will make the perfect addition to your home.

Gazco Stockton 5 Electric Stove

Designed with the same high quality cast iron and heavy gauge steel construction as our gas and solid fuel stoves below, the remote controlled Stockton 5 Electric offers the simplest and quickest way to enjoy the ambience of a wood burner in your home. Requiring no chimney or flue system, this electric stove can be added to any room with a three-pin plug socket. Chromalight® Immersive Lighting Systems project flame visuals among the fuel effects for a three-dimensional display, with a choice of ember bed up-lighting settings. Giving you the freedom to tailor your stove’s visuals to your tastes, the Stockton 5 Electric comes with an assortment of fuel effects that can be mixed and matched for a bespoke look. Designed to provide ambient heating, this advanced electric stove incorporates a thermostatic heating function of up to 2kW which can be switched off should you just want to enjoy the visuals.

Gazco Stockton 5 High-efficiency Gas Stoves

Featuring our convenient gas fire technology, the Stockton 5 Gas offers you superb flames with all the ease and efficiency of gas. Choose from highly realistic log or coal effect bed options which each create a natural looking display. Stockton gas stoves are offered with a choice of control options depending on your requirements. Manual controls can be upgraded with a optional remote controls, which allow you to adjust flame height and heat, and with the Programmable Thermostatic handset, schedule your gas stove to suit your lifestyle. Offered in Natural Gas and LPG versions, your home doesn’t even need to be connected to gas for you to enjoy these realistic stoves.

Stovax Stockton 5 Wood Burning and Multi-fuel Ecodesign Stoves

Engineered to provide a highly efficient heat source in urban and country homes alike, the 5kW Stockton 5 wood burning and multi-fuel stoves meet both current DEFRA and future Ecodesign air quality standards thanks to their superb combustion systems. Integral heat shields, cleverly built into the stoves themselves reduce temperatures behind and below the stove for increased installation options. Both wood burning and multi-fuel versions feature powerful Airwash air jets which blast cool air down the inside of the stove glass to remove ash and soot, for a clear picture of the stunning flame visuals.

Other Stockton Stoves in Solid fuel, Gas and Electric

The Stockton 5 is part of a huge family of Stockton stoves, ranging from smaller and more compact sizes to grand double-doored models. For more options, see our solid fuel wood burning and multi-fuel Stockton stove range, our Stockton gas stove range or our Stockton electric stove range. Alternatively, contact your expert local Stovax or Gazco retailer who will be able to show you Stockton stoves burning and also answer any questions you may have.


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