Want Cosy with Convenience? Choose a Gazco Gas or Electric Stove

Want Cosy with Convenience? Choose a Gazco Gas or Electric Stove

Thinking of adding a new stove to your home, but like the sound of complete convenience at the touch of a button? Gas and electric stoves may be just what you’re looking for. Read on to find out which of these fantastic log burner alternatives meets your needs.

Electric stoves

Is easy installation and instant ambience at the top of your list? If so, it’s worth looking at the latest cutting-edge electric stoves such as the Vogue Electric range. Forget anything you remember about old two-bar electric fires with moulded logs, today’s electric stoves and fires are light years ahead.

Featuring highly realistic logs, glowing embers, and 3D flame effects projected to appear between the fuel effects, Gazco electric stoves create a mesmerising focal point in any setting. And thanks to their Chromalight Immersive LED systems, you can easily switch the natural amber flame effect and ember glow to a spectrum of different lighting effects to suit your mood.

Whether you choose from a contemporary or traditionally styled Gazco electric stove, all our electric stoves come with an easy-to-use remote control, putting their wealth of features and heating functions at your fingertips.

Perhaps one of the main reasons to consider electric stoves is their inherent versatility. Electric stoves like the Sheraton Electric stove above can literally be installed anywhere there is a plug socket, meaning you don’t need any installation work to enjoy their superb visuals.

Gas stoves

Offering the best of both worlds, gas stoves such as the Loft gas stove below create instant real flame visuals, often at the touch of a button. Designed to be indistinguishable from a real wood burning fire or stove, our advanced gas stoves look just like the real thing – with all the benefits of a remote control and programmable high-efficiency heating.

Offered in Natural Gas and LPG models, as well as conventional and balanced flue versions, you don’t even need to have a gas connection or a chimney to enjoy our wide range of modern and traditional gas stoves.

And if you are planning to have your Gazco gas stove installed into an existing chimney, rest assured we’ve made it as easy as possible for you. Our innovative conventional flue linerless gas stoves can be installed without a flue liner for a faster and more cost-effective installation.

Find out more

Whether you choose a gas stove or electric stove for your home, to find out more about each type and which is best for your needs, talk to your local retailer who will also be able to arrange for any installation requirements.

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