Gazco Linerless Gas Stoves for easier and faster installation

Gazco Linerless Gas Stoves for easier and faster installation

Gazco linerless Gas Stoves offer a quicker and more cost-effective option for installing a gas stove into an existing chimney breast. Read on to see our full range of linerless gas stoves.

We have developed a range of stunning conventional flue gas stoves that can be installed without a flue liner, for an easier and more cost-effective installation in your home. Let’s take a look at the reasons why gas stoves might need a liner and how our linerless stoves can work without one.

The Gazco Gas Sheraton 5 can be installed into a suitable masonry chimney with our optional linerless kit

Why do most gas stoves need to be installed with a liner?

Many gas stoves require a liner to be installed into your home’s chimney. Chimney lining is done during installation and involves a flexible steel liner being dropped down inside the chimney and connected to the appliance. Lining the chimney prevents debris from falling into the stove, whether caused by birds, temperature changes or anything else that might dislodge dust or pieces of masonry that could potentially damage your gas stove and impact its performance. A chimney liner can also solve issues in older properties where the existing chimney is in disrepair or is simply too large to create the correct draw for a gas stove.

The three-sided Gazco gas Vogue Midi T can be installed with our linerless kit for faster and easier fitting

Can I have a linerless gas stove?

If your chimney is in good condition and provides the right amount of draw, your home may not actually need a flue liner. Your Gas Safe installer will inspect your chimney to ensure it is working and in good order. If so, you may be able to simply have a linerless kit fitted with your stove installation. Our Gazco linerless kit consists of a short piece of flexible, stainless steel flue pipe specifically designed to be used with a steel register plate and slotted into your masonry chimney. This handy kit protects the appliance without the additional labour and installation costs associated with a drop-down liner.

The Gazo Loft Gas is a contemporary three-sided stove that is compatible with our linerless kit

Which Gazco Gas stoves can be installed without a liner?

Gazco high-efficiency gas stoves such as our Loft, Vogue Midi, Vogue Midi T and Sheraton 5 can all be installed with either a linerless kit or standard flue liner depending on your requirements. Your local retailer will be able to organise for a Gas Safe engineer to carry out a site survey to ensure a linerless gas stove is the right option for your home.

The stylish Gazco Gas Vogue Midi can be fitted  with our linerless kit if required

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