Riva2 500HL Slimline Features

Riva2 500HL Slimline Features

With proportions thoughtfully designed to fit a standard 22” British fireplace opening and offered with a selection of stunning frames, the Riva2 500 has the potential not only for straight forward installation but a look that can be tailored to your home’s decor.

The Slimline Benefits

Hand painted, realistic logs lend the Riva2 500HL Slimline the natural ambience of a real wood fire. Tall rolling flames and a glowing ember bed are complemented by a non-reflective glass front for uninterrupted visuals.

Designed with Gazco’s innovative gas fire technology, this advanced fire produces an ample 5.2kW of heat at up to 86% efficiency.

Suitable for a huge range of interiors, the 500HL’s shallow depth means that it can be conveniently fitted into an exterior wall with the internal leaf removed, ensuring a slim footprint and minimising building work. Once recessed into a cavity wall, this Slimline fire protrudes just 75mm into the room and has a choice of finishing options to suit your interior.

Although compact in design, these highly efficient fires have a generous heat output which is easily controlled with the Programmable Thermostatic remote control.

Key Features

  1. Shallow firebox depth
  2. Balanced Flue connection
  3. Choice of linings
  4. Highly realistic fuel bed
  5. Choice of frame styles
  6. Convected heat system outlet
  7. Radiant heat
  8. Non-reflective glass front
  9. Programmable Thermostatic remote control*
  10. Rear exit Balance Flue Termination Kit included*

* Not illustrated

Lining Options

A selection of different linings offer a choice of backdrops to the flames. Choose from Black Reeded, Vermiculite or EchoFlame Black Glass, which enhances the depth of the flame visuals with its polished, mirror-like surfaces.

Vermiculite Lining
Black Glass Lining
EchoFlame Black Glass Lining
Black Reeded Lining
Black Reeded Lining

Frame and Surround Options
The Riva2 500HL can be enhanced with a selection of contemporary frame designs. When installed into a cavity wall with a slim studwork faux chimney breast to house the fire’s remaining 75mm depth, the fire can be finished as a frameless Edge or enhanced with either the striking black glass Icon XS or the sweeping Verve XS frames.

Alternatively, the Riva2 500HL Slimline Esprit adds a strikingly contemporary surround, which completely houses the non-recessed portion of the fire for an installation without
additional building work.

Convenient Control
Gazco-Studio-Glass-wall-control The Riva2 500HL Slimline features a Programmable Thermostatic remote control, allowing this high efficiency gas fire to be ignited and extinguished from the comfort of your sofa as well as programmed to turn on at set times and temperatures.

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