Studio Slimline Features

Studio Slimline Features

Available in two sizes, these slimmer depth fires have been created to allow an easier, quicker and more cost effective installation option, whilst still retaining all the unmistakable characteristics of the Gazco Studio range.

The Slimline Benefits

The Glass Fronted Studio Slimline gas fires have been specifically developed to allow the highly desirable aesthetics of the landscape Studio fires to be achieved in a wider variety of homes by simply recessing into the internal leaf of a cavity wall. Available in two sizes, both come complete with a dedicated rear exit balanced flue termination kit for easy installation. For even more installation possibilities the Monaco surround allows for mounting on to a flat external wall and the Zero Clearance range allows you to install Slimline fires in walls constructed from conventional materials such as studwork and plasterboard.

Although compact in design, these highly efficient fires have a generous heat output which is easily controlled with the Programmable Thermostatic remote control.

Key Features

  1. Shallow firebox depth of just 155mm
  2. Balanced Flue connection
  3. Choice of linings
  4. Choice of contemporary or realistic fuel effects
  5. Choice of frame styles
  6. Convected and radiant heat
  7. Convected heat system outlet
  8. Programmable Thermostatic remote control
  9. Rear exit Balanced Flue Termination Kit included*
  10. External battery holder for ease of battery change*
  11. Optional mains adaptor*

* Not illustrated

Slimline Frame Options
Studio Slimline fires can be styled to your interior with the one of the many high quality frames available, a selection of which are shown on these pages and overleaf. Alternatively, for a minimalist look, the frameless Edge design allows for a striking, hole-in-the-wall installation.

Fuel Effects and Lining Options

To further extend your options for personalisation, there is a choice of four linings and three fuel effects available for the Studio Slimline fires. Each of the lining choices, including contemporary Vermiculite, timeless Black Reeded, classic Brick-effect or depth-enhancing Black Glass can be paired with either realistic logs or contemporary white stone fuel effects. For further styling versatility, the white stones fuel bed can be upgraded to one of three glass bead effects.

With each combination offering a significantly different appearance to the fire, you can be sure to select the perfect combination of fuel effect, lining and frame style to suit your interior decor.

Brick-effect Lining
Brick-effect Lining

Black Glass Lining
Black Glass Lining

Black Reeded Lining
Black Reeded Lining

Vermiculite Lining
Vermiculite Lining

Slimline Monaco Gas Fire

Creating a stunning, contemporary centrepiece in your home, the Monaco surround for the Studio Slimline 1 is specifically designed for mounting the fire to a flat external wall and makes a statement wherever it is located. The Monaco’s neat design means you can add the Slimline 1 fire to your living area without having to create a cavity in an existing wall, ensuring no additional building work is required to install the fire.

Thanks to its versatile design, the Monaco lets you tailor your fire surround to suit your tastes. With its modular construction, the surround can be assembled with the Slimline fire positioned centrally or offset to the left or right. For added presence, you can increase the height either above or below the fire by adding an optional surround extension piece – letting you choose exactly how your Slimline Monaco will look in your home.

Offering further styling possibilities, the Monaco is supplied in a stunning unfinished concrete for minimalist elegance but can be easily painted with water based paints to suit your interior. Featuring a recessed storage plinth, the surround can also be visually enhanced with pre-cut logs for the natural feel of a woodburning fire.

Possible Monaco Configurations


Engineered to offer a range of modular design options, the Monaco surround enhances the fire whilst presenting homeowners with versatile styling, which can be configured to their individual interior requirements.

Elevate the fire by adding additional extension units which can be fitted above or below the fire. In addition, you can also choose to centre the enclosed Slimline gas fire or offset it to either the left or right. For added style the Monaco surround features a recessed storage plinth, which can be loaded with cut logs to add to the woodburning fire aesthetic.

The Monaco’s stylish textured concrete grey finish can be retained if desired, or you can paint the surround with water based paints to suit the décor.

Key Features

  1. Glass reinforced concrete surround
  2. Choice of central or offset fire positioning
  3. Black Granite top†
  4. Integrated storage plinth
  5. Shallow firebox depth of just 155mm
  6. Balanced Flue connection
  7. Choice of linings
  8. Choice of contemporary or realistic fuel effects
  9. Convected and radiant heat system
  10. Convected heat system outlet
  11. Programmable Thermostatic remote control
  12. Optional extension piece*
  13. Rear exit balanced flue termination kit included *
  14. External battery holder for ease of battery change*
  15. Optional mains adaptor*

* Not illustrated
† Granite is a naturally occurring material and may exhibit subtle variations in colour and shade. The Black Granite top will become hot during use and is therefore unsuitable for placing objects on or using as a mantel.

Slimline Zero Clearance (ZC) Gas Fire

This new installation option offers homeowners the choice of fitting the Slimline without having to specially construct a non-combustible wall, making for a more cost effective installation.

Increasing the appeal of one of Gazco’s most innovative gas fire ranges, Zero Clearance Kits are being introduced to allow homeowners to install either Slimline 1 or 2 fires into an opening or enclosure constructed from combustible materials. They will also allow installation into conventionally constructed walls without the need to remove plasterboard from adjacent surfaces.
ZCframesSlimline Zero Clearance (ZC) Clearance Frame Finishes

Slimline fires installed with Zero Clearance Kits are offered with a choice of three specific new frames including the new ZC Steel or ZC Glass available in either black or white.

Alongside the Studio 1 Slimline, the Studio 2 gas fire is now also available as an LPG model, meaning that homed without mainline gas can still enjoy this stylish fire. With its expansive flame picture and flexible installation options, the Slimline is sure to appeal to an even wider range of homeowners.

Key Features

  1. Zero clearance box enclosure to reduce wall temperatures (included with frame)
  2. Shallow firebox depth of just 155mm
  3. Balanced Flue connection
  4. Choice of linings
  5. Choice of contemporary or realistic fuel effects
  6. Choice of new Zero clearance box frame styles
  7. Convected and radiant heat system
  8. Convected heat system outlet
  9. Programmable Thermostatic remote control
  10. Rear exit Balanced Flue Termination Kit included*
  11. External battery holder for ease of battery change*
  12. Optional mains adaptor*

* Not illustrated

Studio Slimline Zero Clearance Range

Slimline Zero Clearance Frames offer unique, eye-catching and functional styling options. Cleverly designed to not only enhance the look of your fire, each frame also allows cool air to
be drawn from the room and around the Zero Clearance enclosure. The air is then heated and convected back into the room, reducing the surrounding wall temperatures.

Frame options are available in two, specifically designed frame styles exclusive to the Zero Clearance Slimline range. Choose from ZC Steel in a Graphite finish or ZC Glass in a choice of either White Glass or Black Glass, both providing an exceptional finish that completely covers the fire’s installation edge whilst creating a stylish focal point.

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