Studio 1 Slimline A Fresh New Look for 2013 with the Studio Slimline

A Fresh New Look for 2013 with the Studio Slimline

A smart gas fire with a wealth of styling options available to allow you to create a chic and inviting home this winter.

Do your New Year’s resolutions include an exciting home decor project? Installing a fire or stove – whether into a sitting room, kitchen or hallway is a sure fire way (no pun intended!) to change the overall feel and look of your living space.

With winter truly upon us, a cosy stove or fire is a welcome addition, keeping rooms warm and spirits up as we tackle the charms of a British January. The Gazco Studio 1 Slimline has been specially designed to allow installation into a cavity wall; this is a fantastic choice for modern builds where, not unlike many properties, structure can dictate the scope of your installation. Not only does the Slimline gas fire fit neatly into the internal leaf of the wall thereby facilitating a quicker, easier and more cost effective installation, but it also has the option of a flush finish (when you opt for the Edge frame) meaning you get all the impact of a real fire without the need to compromise at all on your room’s internal layout.

The many benefits of a Gazco gas fire are included such as stunning flames and fuel effects; a wide choice of styling options with a range of linings and frames; a thermostatic remote control allowing you to set specific times and temperatures (create a snug home to return to after a long day at work!) as well as the technical advancements many have come to expect from a Gazco fire.

Find out more about the Studio Slimline on our website or visit your local retailer for expert advice.

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