Onyx Fusion 150RW electric fire Cosy Up With Pantone’s Colour Of The Year: Peach Fuzz

Cosy Up With Pantone’s Colour Of The Year: Peach Fuzz

Pantone have unveiled their Colour of the Year for 2024, the soft and inviting Peach Fuzz. This comforting hue transforms any room into a cosy retreat, especially when paired with the warmth of a fireplace. As we explore the allure of this gentle colour, let's discover how you can create a luxuriously soothing sanctuary in your home.

This year, Pantone’s Colour of the Year is none other than the soft, embracing hue of Peach Fuzz. This colour is a celebration of warmth, comfort, and a hint of joyful optimism. It’s the perfect backdrop for both life’s quiet moments and its joyous gatherings, making it an ideal shade for the home.

In the realm of interior design, Peach Fuzz is more than just a colour; it’s a statement of serenity and modernity. And when it comes to incorporating this colour into your living space, Stovax & Gazco’s electric fireplaces offer a canvas of elegance and contemporary design.

Elena Breeze, Interior Designer for Stovax Heating Group says:

“This colour is beautifully complex, when seen alone or paired with white or black it appears quite orange in hue, but when put with other warm or bold colours the more subtle pink and neutral tones are accentuated. Although less versatile than some other shades, Peach Fuzz – when thoughtfully applied to a design – can bring a unique warmth and freshness to a space.”

Creating a Harmonious Space

Let’s delve into the beautiful tones of Peach Fuzz and how to create a living space that exudes tranquil energy. When paired with the soft glow of a fireplace, this shade is perfect for those seeking a harmonising warmth.

A Symphony of Textures and Tones

An electric fire in a cosy minimalistic living room

Here, the living space takes on a cosy, minimalistic feel. Using a masterful blend of textures and tones, the furnishings and décor are chosen to echo the tactile nature of Peach Fuzz. Soft velvets on the seating, suede textures on the pillows, and the woven feel of the rug invite a touch, evoking a sense of luxury and comfort that is both seen and felt.

The light and airy setting highlights the clean lines and the understated elegance of the Onyx Fusion 150RW electric fire. Peach Fuzz, seen on the walls and in the tones of the furnishings, complements the fire’s lifelike ember bed, where the flames emulate the colour of a glowing sunset. Here, Peach Fuzz offers not just a serene backdrop but also enhances the amber-toned flame visuals.

A Modern Hearth

An electric fire in a media wall setting

This is a space where modernity meets comfort. Here, Peach Fuzz has been used as a horizontal stripe of warmth to create a beautiful feature media wall, accentuating the lines of the built-in shelves and effortlessly becoming the room’s focal point. It beautifully frames the Gazco eReflex 135RW electric fire, whose flames flicker with life, drawing the eye and bringing a sense of comfort.

This lifelike electric fire, with its Oak Log-effect, exudes sophistication while mirroring the luxuriously soothing tones of Peach Fuzz, creating a seamless contemporary blend of colour and comfort.

Stovax & Gazco: A Tradition of Warmth

Stovax and Gazco’s fireplaces, with their elegant design and mesmerising flame visuals, offer a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The colour Peach Fuzz invites a sense of calm and a gentle warmth that perfectly accompanies the cosy ambience and heartening presence that Stovax & Gazco’s fireplaces are known for.

As we step into the year with this delightful colour leading our design inspirations, let’s remember that warmth comes in many forms—a gentle colour on the wall, the flicker of flame from a fireplace, and the feeling of home. With Stovax & Gazco and the charm of Peach Fuzz, let’s make our homes the warmest they can be. To find the perfect fireplace that aligns with your design aspirations, get in touch with your local Stovax & Gazco retailer, who will help you to choose the perfect centrepiece to create a sanctuary in your home.

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