Introducing: the new Stovax Studio Air

Introducing: the new Stovax Studio Air

The latest luxury wood burning fire and stove range to join our collection, the Stovax Studio Air brings style, presence and heat to your home.

The new Ecodesign Ready Stovax Studio Air wood burning stoves and fires range is the result of decades of British fire design and craftsmanship. Every minute detail has been engineered to provide you with the ultimate in indulgence and fireside luxury. Thanks to its striking looks and heating performance, this impressive wood burning stove and fire range earned a place on the esteemed 2020 Build It Awards shortlist for Best Heating Product, and has been confirmed a finalist for the Homebuilding & Renovating Awards!

Freestanding and Inset versions

This wood burning range is available in two formats. Cassette versions, otherwise known as inset wood burning fires, offer a built-in fire aesthetic, while Freestanding versions can standalone as an eye-catching centrepiece just like a wood burning stove.

Both freestanding and inset wood burning fire models are available in two landscape sizes – the 1, and the wider 2.

High performance heating

Regardless of which model you choose, you are guaranteed a high performance from any Studio Air model. All fires and stoves have been designed to burn with high efficiency, and we are proud that the entire range is ‘A’ energy class rated.

Along with their high efficiency performance, Stovax Studio Air wood burning fires offer state-of-the-art airflow combustion systems, which ensure each model exceeds stringent Ecodesign standards and burns with minimal emissions. Plus, with each model DEFRA Smoke Control Area Exempt as standard, you have peace of mind that you can install a Studio Air in even the most urban of homes.

Innovative features for your convenience

Your user experience is at the forefront of our design. That’s why this new deluxe wood burning stoves and fire range features a single and easy-to-use air control, which requires only a light touch for operation. In addition to this, Studio Air fires also feature a rapid start-up boost mode, making it easier than ever to light a fire, even if your appliance is cold.

Contemporary styling

Whichever size or model you choose, there is a decorative trim to suit your interior in Black, White or Storm Grey.

Inset Studio Air models come as an Edge version as standard for a minimalist ‘hole-in-the-wall’ fire look, but there is also a choice of optional contemporary frames if you wish to enhance their appearance further.


Optional External Air Kit

One of the many appealing benefits of the Studio Air wood burning range is the ability to opt for an external air kit. This kit allows combustion air for the fire to be supplied directly from outside your home, eliminating internal draughts and enhancing overall heating efficiency.

The optional dedicated external air kit also means that each fire in the range exceeds some of the strictest air sealing criteria in the UK construction market.

Opening up your installation options

Giving you even further scope for installation possibilities, you can choose an optional handle kit which allows you to opt for left or right door opening. This is useful if your chimney is situated in an awkward location in the room and only allows for the door to open a particular way.

In addition, Studio Air Freestanding models also feature built-in heat shields for reduced distance to combustibles – expanding your installation options.

Mounting options for your Studio Air

If you are looking to elevate your stove, Stovax Studio Air Freestanding models are compatible with our range of stove benches. These stylish steel benches are great for adding presence to your Studio Air Freestanding and also provide a handy space to store logs below the fire.

Like the Freestanding versions, Studio Air inset wood burning fires also offer different mounting options to suit your home. Their versatile design allows them to be mounted either at hearth level or further up the wall, with various three-sided and four-sided framing options available for both types of installation.

Visit your expert retailer

Whichever Studio Air fire option you go for, ensure you get the best service by purchasing through one of our Approved Expert Retailers. They will be able to advise you on the most practical and aesthetically pleasing options for your particular requirements, alongside assisting with installation advice.

You can find your local retailer here.

11 responses to “Introducing: the new Stovax Studio Air”

  1. Lloyd Gregory says:

    Please could you contract me regarding your Studio Air insert wood burning fires. We have a large room heat of 5m x 10m and we would like some advice..

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Lloyd, thanks for your message. We’d recommend speaking to your local Stovax retailer in the first instance as they’ll be able to offer their expert knowledge and advice suited to your installation. You can find your nearest retailer here.
      Best wishes, Chris

  2. Marianna says:

    Hi, I was looking to replace my current Gazco Riva2 1050 gas fire with a Stovax Studio Air 2. But I’ve been told I shouldn’t buy this model because the nominal output is higher than 5kw and I’d need to install a vent on an external wall and should have had one with my gas fire as its high output too. Am I correct in thinking that’s what your optional air kit is for? And if so can this be installed through a chimney in order to avoid an external vent being required? Many thanks

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Marianna, thanks for your comment. Yes that is correct, the optional external air supply is a way to potentially negate the need for additional ventilation, depending on your home and installation. The ducting would need to exit through an external wall to the outside, so it would depend where your chimney is positioned whether this is possible. Your local Stovax retailer can advise further once a site survey has been carried out.
      Best wishes, Chris

  3. Rob Nicholls says:

    Does the freestanding Studio Air 1 have an ash tray?

    • Chris Connick says:

      Hi Rob, thanks for your comment. It doesn’t have a removable ash tray, however ash is easily removed with an ash scoop.

  4. Daniele Ferrucci says:

    good morning, I live in Rome, Italy.
    Who is your closest retailer?
    May I buy online?
    Thank you

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