Shortlisted for Best Stove or Fire at the Build It Awards

Shortlisted for Best Stove or Fire at the Build It Awards

We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Build It Awards with Best Stove or Fire. The esteemed awards see architects, manufacturers and key industry figures come together in recognition of 'innovation and excellence in the custom and self-build home sector.'

We were thrilled to hear the recent announcement that we have been shortlisted for the esteemed Build It Awards with three products from the Stovax Heating Group.

“The annual event celebrates all aspects of self-build and renovation, including completed projects, services and suppliers. The awards bring together architects, manufacturers and key industry figures in recognition of innovation and excellence in the custom and self build home sector.”

– Build It


Gazco Reflex 75T Multi-sided gas fire

From our Gazco gas fire range, the new Reflex 75T multi-sided model has been selected, coming soon to retail. This is a stunning multi-sided gas fire, suitable for two or three sided installations. The Reflex 75T multi-sided can be controlled via Gazco’s Harmony10 Programmable Thermostatic Remote Control, and gives any self-builder full control over their fire, including letting you ignite, extinguish, or adjust the heat and height of the flames.

The handset also lets you maintain your chosen room temperature or program the fire to a daily or weekly schedule to suit your lifestyle. You can also activate the Reflex’s EcoFlex gas saving mode, which modulates flame height by almost imperceptible degrees, lowering gas usage whilst maintaining the natural rise and fall of a real wood fire. With cutting-edge EmberLight technology, the fuel bed can be dimmed or brightened as desired and can be activated without the flames or heat for year-round enjoyment.

Gazco Vogue Midi electric stove

From Gazco’s electric range, the all-new Vogue Midi has made an impact. This contemporary stove represents the next generation of electric stoves, with stunning LED flame and lighting effects coupled with an interchangeable fuel bed. It features intelligent control features to minimise wasted energy, including adaptive start control which initiates heating on an optimal start-up time so that the stove reaches a certain temperature at a chosen time using the minimum amount of energy required.

The Vogue Midi Electric also has open window detection. A drop of 4oC or more within five minutes will prompt the stove to automatically turn off its heat in order to save energy, whilst still providing mesmerising flame visuals for ambience in the home.

Self-builders and renovators will also enjoy the thermostatic ambient heating, which allows them to set the temperature they desire, and depending on the ambient temperature, the Vogue will reach the desired level as efficiently as possible.

Lotus Jubilee 10 wood burning stove

From our distributed Nordic brand, Lotus, the luxury Jubilee 10 wood burning stove has been shortlisted. This stylish 4kW stove presents an all-new Nordic option for a range of homes. Featuring stunningly contemporary styling, this stove offers slimmer depth and lower height but with all the high quality from the Lotus brand.

This particular stove opens up opportunities to smaller or more modest rooms, giving you all the benefits of a Nordic product but with heat output suitable for varying room sizes.

Designed with the very latest stove innovations, the Jubilee 10 benefits from advanced combustion technology, an ergonomic soft-close door system and provision for an optional external air supply. This sleek wood burner is offered with a choice of three distinctive door handle options, letting you choose the final touch to your stove. T

To find out more about these products, talk to your local retailer.

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Posted by on October 12, 2018

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