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Welcome to the new Stovax Studio Air – an Ecodesign
Ready range of high efficiency wood burning fires

Unparalleled Design

Offering the ultimate in indulgence, this contemporary wood burning fire range is the result of decades of British fire design and expert craftsmanship, with every minute detail engineered with you in mind.

A Change is in the Air

State-of-the-art precision airflow combustion systems ensure each Studio Air model effortlessly exceeds Ecodesign standards, and is also suitable for use in urban smoke control areas.

High Performance Heating

All Studio Air fires have been designed to burn with high thermal efficiency, with all rated as ‘A’ energy class appliances.

Innovative features

Studio Air wood burning fires feature a single and easy-to-use air control. Needing only light operation, this responsive air control features a rapid start-up ‘boost mode’ that makes it easy to ignite logs, even from cold.

Inset (cassette) & Freestanding Models

Studio Air models are available as Freestanding and Inset wood burning fires for a striking centrepiece, no matter which version you choose.

Contemporary styling options

All models are offered in two sizes, and can be selected with a choice of modern decorative trims to complement your interior. Built-in versions can also be selected with a variety of modern and stylish framing options.

Key Facts

Nominal Heat Output

Studio Air 1: 5.0kW
Studio Air 2: 8.2kW

High Efficiency

Studio Air 1: 79.6%
Studio Air 2: 78.5%

Energy Class

Studio Air 1: A
Studio Air 2: A

Urban Area Approved

All Studio Air wood burning fires are DEFRA Smoke Control Area exempt, allowing the most urban of homes to burn wood.

Ecodesign Ready

This outstanding range of wood burning fires have been verified as Ecodesign Ready, burning wood with optimum efficiency and minimal emissions.

Dedicated external air kit

All models can be installed with an optional external air kit to allow air to vent directly from outside your home, eliminating draughts and enhancing overall heating efficiency.

Versatile installation options

To open up installation possibilities, an optional handle kit can be used for left or right door opening. Freestanding models also feature built-in heat shields for reduced distance to combustibles.

Stove bench compatible

All Studio Air freestanding models are compatible to be mounted on the range of Stovax stove benches.

Further Information

Stovax Studio Air – an Ecodesign Ready range of high efficiency wood burning fires