Remote Control App for Gazco Electric Fires

Remote Control App for Gazco Electric Fires

Using the innovative app available for your New Generation Gazco eReflex electric fire, you'll be able to take full control over your fire's array of features from your smartphone or tablet. Follow the instructions below to download the app and get set up, to unlock the full potential of your eReflex electric fire.

How to download the app

  1. Depending on whether you have an Apple or Android device, go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and locate the app by searching for MUS FLAME.
  2. Download and open the app on your smart device.
  3. Once downloaded, you will need to sign in and register for an account by entering your email address. You will then receive a verification code by email.
  4. Enter the verification code and select “Add device”. Then choose option A on the following screen.
  5. Enter your Wi-Fi network and password and click Next. You have now downloaded the app and are ready to pair the app with your eReflex Electic fire. For more detailed instructions, please see the instruction manual that comes with your fire.


Flame Options

The eReflex RW’s flames can be set to three different colour choices, including orange, orange with blue accent, and blue. The app allows you to adjust brightness from 0-100% in 1% increments, to create a bespoke visual.

Glowing Embers

Beneath the logs and ember effects, the eReflex RW’s Chromalight® up-lighting LEDs can be set to eight colours to either match or contrast with the flames. There is also a Spectrum Mode to cycle through each colour as well as adjustable brightness for all settings.


Hidden in the top of the eReflex RW’s firebox are discreet downlighting LEDs which bathe the fuel effects in different colours to complement the various flame choices, adding to the immersion.

Lighting and Heat Timer

The app allows you to set the eReflex RW’s heat and lighting functions to turn on according to a timer, independently from each other. Set a time to switch on the heat, or opt for the lighting effects alone for a fireside glow in the warmer months without the heat output. Once set via the app, you can then use the remote control to switch from manual to timer mode.

Optional Mood Lighting

Effortlessly control the eReflex RW’s optional Mood Lighting system using either the remote control or an innovative app. Choose from 13 colours or the gradually changing spectrum mode.

Thermostatic Heating

Choose your preferred room temperature and the eReflex RW Electric fire does the rest for you. Select between 6°C and 35°C in increments of 1 degree, and the fire’s 2kW heater will adjust its power to reach the desired level as efficiently as possible.

Adaptive Start Control

Adaptive Start allows the eReflex RW Electric fire to automatically turn on up to 45 minutes in advance of a pre-set time to reach the desired room temperature, ready for when you sit down and relax.

Open Window Detection

Should ambient room temperatures drop by 4°C within a space of five minutes, like when a window is opened, the fire’s heater will automatically turn off to save energy. Heating can be easily resumed with the remote control or app.

Ecodesign Compliant

The eReflex RW’s innovative energy saving features make it compliant with stringent Ecodesign energy product standards.


Download the app for iOS or Android

The app is available for Gazco’s New Generation eReflex Electric fires.

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