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Blue Peonies Fireplace Tile

Art Nouveau Tiled Convector, highlight polished with Blue Peonies Fireplace Tiles

Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles

To complement Stovax's range of tiled cast iron fireplaces there is also a choice of authentically-crafted tube-lined tiles with highly translucent glazes that faithfully reflect the charm and style of the Victorian fireplace.

Full range of Tube-lined & Raised Line Tiles...

Reviews and Customer Showcase
“Warm and homely”
“Small but Purrfect” states Pixie the cat
“The Power of Flames”
Loving our new fire #stovax #stovaxview8 #castworks #abbeyfireplaces #currarong #jervisbay #berry #southcoastnsw @currarongbeachhouse
“Fabulous focal point”
“Beautiful and Functional”
“Simply the best”
“It is lovely to come home on a cold winter evening and fire it up!”
“Realistic fire”
“Dogs love the warmth”
“What a fantastic addition to our living room!”
“Cosy Candescence”
“We look forward to the winters ahead with a nice warm fire!”
“Cosy cosy”
“Our fire creates an ambiance in our family home”
“Warm glow”
“Cosy Christmas”
“Wonderful fire”
Paul & Sally, Stockton 4, First time homeowners
Here’s one of our installations – a @StovaxGazco View 8 on a low 1200 bench. #CSinstallations #CoriniumStoves
“Beautiful, warm and stylish”
“Warm, Sexy and Unbeatable”
“Beautiful and functional”
“The dogs approve!”
“Christmas wouldn’t be the same without it!”
“The cat loves it!”
Love my fireplace #homeatfunksjonelt #fireplace #peis #peisvegg #stovax
“Gazco F670 Steel Graphite gas fire”